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Sergey Kiriyenko, the Chief Executive Officer of “Rosatom” State Corporation stands for an open competition in the nuclear industry


A webinar on the topic “The system of state order in the sphere of nuclear energy” was held in Moscow organized within the framework of All-Russia People’s Front (ARPF) project “For fair procurement”. It was attended by Sergey Kiriyenko, the Chief Executive Officer of “Rosatom” Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation, Roman Zimonas, the Director of the Department of Methodology and Organization of Procurement, and Alexander Brechalov, Co-Chairman of the Central Headquarters of the ARPF, the Curator of the project “For fair procurement”.


Welcoming the participants of the webinar, Kiriyenko noted, “Today there is a large-scale growth of construction in the Russian nuclear industry both within the country and abroad. I want to underline that “Rosatom” never lost any international tender in which it participated. This fact suggests that the international community trusts Russian technologies in the sphere of nuclear engineering. Until quite recently, there was a monopoly on certain types of products for the production of products for nuclear industry facilities. Now the situation has changed for the better – the equipment for nuclear power plants may be produced at least at two enterprises. Of course this is not the limit, and we will try to expand the number of suppliers”.


Roman Zimonas, the Director of the Department of Methodology and Organization of Procurement, stated during the presentation, “The list of organizations cooperating with the State Corporation today includes more than 400 companies with different forms of incorporation. 99% of “Rosatom” procurement is carried out on electronic trading platforms. I would like to note that with the help of electronic trading we managed to slow the growth of prices and today we are buying products at prices of the year 2007. Under the policy of control of competition in the corporation an internal central arbitration committee was established, which receives complaints from tenderers. In some cases, complaints are submitted to the FAS (Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation), which evaluates them objectively. It should be noted that last year the FAS found all incoming complaints unfounded, which means that the electronic trading system is transparent and open, which has been successfully operating in the corporation”. Roman Zimonas told the participants about the process of transfer in the sphere of procurement activities from the previously operating federal law No. 94 to the contract system based on a new law No. 44 (entered into force on January 1, 2013) in “Rosatom”. The specialists of the ARPF project “For fair procurement” discussed with the Head of “Rosatom” State Corporation the system problems that are most often observed in procurement by state companies (in particular in the sphere of nuclear energy), and the methods to resolve contentious issues in the process of the competition organization.


During the webinar it was pointed out that the new law establishes the basic principles of procurement – the information openness, no discrimination of participants and no unreasonable restrictions of competition, the targeted and cost-effective use of funds for the purchase of goods, works and services. The customers shall be obliged to develop regulations on procurement, which shall contain all the requirements of the procurement, including the procedure for the preparation and conducting of competitive procedures (including procurement methods) and the conditions of their application, the procedure for the conclusion and execution of contracts, as well as other provisions related to provision of procurement. Such a document has been operating in Rosatom since 2009.


Vladimir Chudin, the Director for Contracts and Procurement of “Akkuyu” NPP commented on the webinar, “These events are very important for contracting organizations, as they allow attracting the greatest possible number of participants in order to select the most suitable contractor. Within the project for construction of the first nuclear power plant in Turkey all procurements are completely open and transparent. The company which complies with the requirements of the customer and has approval documents in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation may apply for participation in procurement procedures. In contemporary conditions of a free competitive market, we may not select suppliers based on preferences to any company. Any organization offering quality products on favorable terms and at market prices, may win the procurement”.




Akkuyu NPP JSC Press Service