Atommash plant in Volgodonsk (branch of AEM-Technologies JSC, a part of Atomenergomash, the machine-building division of Rosatom) has shipped the steam generators for Unit 1 of Akkuyu NPP (Turkey). Within a few days four steam generators weighing 365 tons each will be outbound.  The equipment set is to overcome 3000 km on the way to the construction site of Akkuyu NPP, the first nuclear power plant in Turkey. Steam generators are nuclear safety critical equipment of the reactor primary circuit. The NPP project includes four power units with Russian generation 3+ VVER reactor plants. The capacity of each power unit is 1200 MW.  Akkuyu NPP is the first project in the global nuclear industry implemented under the Build-Own-Operate model.




Chief Executive Officer of Atomenergomash JSC Andrei Nikipelov noted: “Today we kick started the shipments of large-sized equipment for Akkuyu NPP, another foreign project of Atomenergomash. In 2020, the shipment of reactor pressure vessels and steam generators is in progress at unprecedented rates:  in total three reactor pressure vessels and 17 steam generators are being prepared for shipment this year to customers in Russia, India, Bangladesh and Turkey. Our equipment is in operation or planned to be installed at three out of six continents throughout the world. The shipment of steam generators for the first NPP in Turkey is yet another step for strengthening the positions of Atomenergomash as a global supplier of reliable equipment for safe nuclear power plants operation”.


Steam generatorы belong to 1st safety class equipment. The steam generator shell is a horizontal cylindrical vessel with two elliptical bottoms. The manifold collectors for coolant supply and discharge are located in the middle part.  The vapor space is located in the upper part of the shell, and heat transfer surface comprising of 11,000 stainless steel tubes is located in the lower part. If all the tubes of one steam generator are laid lengthwise their total length will be 148.5 km. The tubes are 16 mm in diameter and from 11 to 17 m long. Tube ends are fixed to two manifold collectors. The length of the apparatus is approximately 15 meters, diameter is more than 4 m. 


 The product delivery from Atommash to the customer shall be made in a combined manner. First the product shall be delivered by motorized transport up to the water storage basin of Tsimlyansky port. Thereafter the four steam generators shall be loaded using a gantry crane with hoisting capacity of 650 tons on to a barge and shipped to Turkey by sea.


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 It is planned that after commissioning, the nuclear power plant will generate about 35 billion kWh per year. This amount is enough to provide energy supply for a large city, such as Istanbul, with 90% electricity for one year. Akkuyu NPP will secure up to 10% power demand of the Republic of Turkey.


Akkuyu NPP design meets all the latest requirements adopted by the global nuclear community and set forth in the safety standards issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), International Nuclear Safety Advisory Group and EUR Club (European Utility Requirements for LWR Nuclear Power Plants).




AEM-Technologies Joint-Stock Company founded in 2007 within Atomenergomash JSC, a machine-building division of Rosatom State Corporation, is currently one of the leading Russian companies in the power engineering industry, a manufacturer of the NPP reactor hall basic equipment.


 Atomenergomash JSC is the machine-building division of Rosatom State Corporation, the largest power engineering company of Russia by gross output and income. The holding is an equipment package supplier for the reactor island and turbine hall of all the Russian design NPP under construction, manufacturer of equipment for LNG projects, waste into energy plants, developer and supplier of packaged solutions for power providers, oil and gas complex, ship-building and other branches of industry.    Our technologies and equipment support operation of about 15% NPP in the world and 40% TPP in the Russian Federation and CIS countries. The company amalgamates leading research, engineering and manufacturing enterprises in Russia and abroad.


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