Smolensk NPP: new modern informational and educational complex can take more than 100 pupils


Beyond celebration of the 70th anniversary of the nuclear industry a unique interactive showroom opened its doors to the students at the Smolensk NPP. Until the end of September it will take more than 100 high school students. The first tourists have been able to assess its benefits.  


"During the tour atound the interactive room I discovered many new things - shared experiences one of the first students from the school №2 in Desnogorsk. - Before that, I heard how the station operates, but did not fully imagine this process. Today we spoke very clearly and were shown work of the Smolensk NPP with modern technology and much more. I ill recommend all my classmates and friends to visit this room, because it is very interesting to know, how the station operates near the place you live!"


Interactive Hall of the Smolensk NPP is a modern informational and educational complex. It is located in the Information center "Neutrino" near the main square of atomic scientists. The complex includes a video hall to demonstrate special educational programs and films, to organize quiz, special interactive screens with a wide range of information and information stands.  


The purpose of the interactive room is to talk about the development of nuclear energy in Russia and in the Smolensk region, sightseers become active participants in the cognitive process. They get a virtual tour of the plant on their own, they can learn about the benefits of different types of nuclear reactors and what ensures safe operation of nuclear power plants in a playful way.   Interactive hall will introduce visitors with the Smolensk nuclear power plant and nuclear energy in Russia in general and it will be an effective tool for professional orientation of students.


The first visitors have been already interested in such professions by the interactive hall atomic.   "I want to try myself in the nuclear industry - said student of Desnogorsk energy college Artem Manevski. - I have not decided in what direction, but I'm sure that any of them will be promising!"  


The Smolensk nuclear power plant is a branch of the JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom". The SNPP annually issues on the average about 20 billion kilowatts hours of the electric power into country power supply system, that constitutes about 13% of the energy, developed in «Rosenergoatom Concern», and more than 80% of the Smolensk region energy, developed by the power entities.   Updated information about radiation situation near the nuclear power plants in Russia and other objects of the nuclear industry is provided on the site


Source: Press Service of Rosenergoatom Concern