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Occupational Safety and Equal Opportunity



Safety assurance of the conditions of employment, guarantee of compliance with the occupational safety and health principles of the employees, enhancement of the protection level of the public and environment is of major importance for AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC.


In 2018 AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC had approved the Occupational Safety Policy,  which applies to employees of the Company, employees of contracting and subcontracting organizations, visitors and persons exercising control over the performance of work, deputed and arrived to undergo industrial training or internship. The developed Policy is based on international and domestic law. The industrial safety management systems have been developed and implemented for safety assurance and reduction of risks in occupational safety meeting the requirements of international standard ISO 45001.


The Akkuyu NPP project, where at the peak of construction more than 25,000 people are engaged is currently the largest construction site of nuclear power plant in the world.  AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC is committed to the principle of not allowing discrimination and provides equal opportunities for employment, career growth and labor compensation for all the employees, independent of the gender, age and nationality.


The adaptation process of an employee to the cultural and social environment of the Company is an important task in achieving maximum efficiency of performing the job functions. The young specialists undergo an adaptation program for effective implementation of adaptation. the new employees get detailed information on the HR policy, potential for professional growth, undergo occupational safety and health training. Apprenticeship is a mandatory component of the adaptation program of young specialists, who help the employee efficiently access the operating procedure.


The gender ratio of the employees in the Company (29% women) exceed the global indicators (. The share of women is about 25% in the Board of Directors and 21% in the leading positions.


The development of competencies and training of personnel is one of the most important tasks of the HR policy. Training and advanced training of the Company's personnel is given by the Rosatom State Corporation Corporate and Technical Academy. 282 persons had undergone training in 2021, many of them had undergone more than one course. Free training in 400 different courses in the online portal of the corporate academy is available in online mode 24/7. Training in Turkish language is also planned.



Investments in Education is a Contribution to the Future



296 students have completed training in the Russian field-specific higher education institutes of the nuclear industry in June 2022, another 26 students continue education. Out of 296 persons 271 have been employed in AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC and 25 persons who had completed the higher educational institution in July of this year had received invitation to work. Up to 2027 annually the admission for study in the Russian higher educational institutions MEPhi and SPbPU 25 persons each and training in total of at least 600 Turkish young nuclear experts, who shall be part of the operating personnel of Akkuyu NPP is planned.



Contribution to Social and Economic Well-being of the Region



The Company has a strong focus on the interests of the regional authority and local community of Mersin province, especially the Gülnar city and Büyükeceli settlement and is engaged in vigorous activity on expansion of the development potential of the region on such directions as the development of transport, social and educational infrastructure, awareness and support of the population.


Considering the interests of the employees and their families, the Company creates comfortable conditions for work and life. A school for children of the Company's employees inclusive of the residents of the region was opened on October 1, 2019 in Silifke. The school became a new facility of the urban infrastructure, created opportunities for employment and development of the public life of the district, mutual integration of the Akkuyu stakeholders and residents of the region. The Company supports the development of school education and pre-school educational institutions of Mersin province. In November 2021 the Company had transferred 200,000 US dollars for the needs of vocational schools of Gülnar region.


Special attention is paid to the health of the Company's employees , and the local population. A vaccination post was organized at the Akkuyu NPP construction site in conditions of the spread of COVID-19 for immunization by the medical employees from the Silifke Health Directorate using BioNTech and SINOVAC vaccines, the number of express tests was increased, masks and disinfectants were provided. In 2021 the total amount for disinfection of the rooms, procurement of PCR tests and masks was approximately 200,000 US dollars. On April 23, 2020 certificates were issued by the Company for 9,000 US dollars to the State Hospital in Silifke and Center for Family Medicine in Büyükeceli for supporting the struggle with coronavirus.


On July 18-19, 2022 the first sports and tourist gathering of Akkuyu NPP was held, which gathered more than 300 people in the camping area of the Ermenek reservoir. Edutainment areas were arranged in parallel with the tourist relay for the children of the participants of the tourist gathering, creative master classes, music competition and cheerful wits & humor competition. An exhibition of the best photos from the sports and tourist gathering was organized at the site.


On June 25, 2022 the employees of the Akkuyu NPP project and their children presented a concert program at the International Festival of Music and Folklore in Silifke, where the professional artists and musicians from Türkiye and other countries took part. Thousands of music lovers from Mersin province and other regions of Türkiye visit the traditional  music and folklore festival.  Such events help integrate and set the cultural exchange of the project employees with the local population.


The construction of a nuclear power plant ensures economic growth and the creation of new workplaces: one workplace at the nuclear power plant creates another 10 workplaces in the related industries. Thus, thanks to the Akkuyu NPP project, about 250 000 additional workplaces may be created, taking into account related industries.



The project makes a significant contribution to the development of region's infrastructure and growth of employment among the local population. The Akkuyu NPP project has been recognized as the largest employer of Mersin province by the Social Security and State Insurance Fund (SGK) of the Republic of Türkiye.



Akkuyu NPP is the largest employer of Mersin provinceAKKUYU NPP JSC pays considerable attention to social responsibility and help to the local population Five groups of graduates have since 2018 received diplomas under the target training program of operating personnel for Akkuyu NPP