Students from Turkey take lead in Olympiad in Russian


Turkish students which study at the Institute of Atomic Energy of the National Research Nuclear University MEPHI (IATE NRNU MEPHI) have taken part in the IX open Olympiad in the Russian language for foreign students among non-philological higher education institutions. In the category “group singing” the students from the Republic of Turkey took the lead.



The event was held in Moscow at the National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute". The Olympiad involved students from Angola, Venezuela, Vietnam, Ghana, Guinea, Zambia, Cambodia, Kenya, Congo, China, Mexico, Mongolia, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, Yemen, Palestine, Peru, Rwanda, Syria, Sudan, Turkey. All performances were made in Russian. The participants represented NRNU MEPHI, MISA (Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys), MGRS (Moscow State University of Civil Engineering), MPEI (Moscow Power Engineering Institute), MIIT (Moscow Institute of Railway Engineering), and other Russian higher education institutions. The program featured more than 250 people with 120 creative performances.


At the beginning of the awards ceremony, the rector of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Nikolay Rogalev, addressed the Olympiad participants with a welcome speech. He said: "This year's Olympiad in the Russian language has extended its boundaries – students and postgraduates of 10 higher education institutions have competed in the level of knowledge of the Russian language. I'm sure next year we will extend our boundaries and the number of participants will increase. Such events contribute to a better learning of the Russian language and immersion into the language. The jury was impartial and evaluated the performances in an unbiased manner. In the contest program we heard literary masterpieces of Brodsky, Blok, Yesenin, Mayakovsky, Marshak, Pasternak, Pushkin, Turgenev, and many other poets who are popular in Russia".



A group of Turkish students of the Institute of Atomic Energy of NRNU MEPHI took the lead for performing the song "Oh, Frost, Frost" to the accompaniment of a guitar played by a second-year student, Rengin Turkel. The music piece enraptured the jury and the other participants of the creative contest. After receiving mementos, certificates the guys started to take photos with them and post pictures in social networks. The student of the Preparatory Faculty Onmush Dzhan said: "We are very glad that we have taken part in the Olympiad. We did not expect that we would take the lead, but we had prepared diligently. Here we’ve got acquainted with students from different countries of other technical higher education institutions of Russia. It’s very interesting to communicate in Russian with guys from other countries of the world". His groupmate Ayaz Zakhid shared his impressions: "The atmosphere during the performances and during the awarding was very friendly and cheerful. I enjoyed performing in front of the hall full of students for whom Russian, as well as for us, is a foreign language. In our country, they hold similar events, the only difference is that participants in Russia mostly read poems and in Turkey they sing songs, make theatrical performances. Next year I will certainly participate and I will start preparing right now". In addition, as part of the Olympiad program, the future specialists of the atomic branch of Turkey recited poems of Russian poets and showed a decent level of knowledge of Russian which will be necessary for their future work at the atomic plant of the Republic of Turkey.


The Associate Professor of the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, of IATE NRNU MEPHI Natalia Kaluzhenskaya was present at the awarding of the students. She said: "The guys from Turkey show great interest in the Russian culture, art, literature. Sometimes it's hard but they cope with difficulties and improve their knowledge both in the field of nuclear physics and Russian. Such events allow us to compare the levels of knowledge with students from other countries. After taking the lead, one can confidently say that we are going in the right direction. I’d like to note that the song was performed by students of the Preparatory Faculty who study Russian only the first year. The result speaks for itself".



Akkuyu NPP JSC Press Service