Study music helps to Turkish students study nuclear physics


The Turkish students of the Atomic Energy Institute of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI are studying music during the non-study time. Merve Dimirce, second-year student, is one of them. She would like to master the complicated musical instrument – violoncello.


Music School No.1 of the town of Obninsk (Kaluga Region, Russia) sees adult pupils for the first time. The fingering usually starts at an early age. But the music masters note that it is easier to train students since they make a conscious choice and are result-oriented people. Lyudmila Nikolskaya, a music master, said: «The violoncello is a bow string musical instrument with the bass and tenor register and known from the first half of XVI century; it has the same structure as a violin but is bigger. The violoncello possesses wide expressiveness and well elaborated techniques of rendering; it can be used as a solo, ensemble and orchestral instrument. We are pleased to see that Turkish students want to study music and develop their abilities. Our music masters are very careful as for the training process». The student has selected the violoncello because its tone has softness on one side and a certain tension on the other side, what is not characteristic for any other Turkish string musical instrument.



In the class room, where Merve Dimirci is studing, there is a special planform for pupils, it creates a stage feeling. «I like studying music. When I make preparations to my discussion sessions at the institute, sometimes I finger the violoncello, it helps me concentrate», Dimirci said. The student can already play some compositions. “Zhuravel”, song of Victor Kalinnikov well known in Russia, is one of them.


Svetlana Kurdeeva, principal of the musical school, said: «The program of study is timed for three years. I hope that Merve Dimirci will become not only a first-class specialist in the nuclear energy but also a good musician by the end of her training in AEI NRNU MEPhI. We also invite an accompanist who accompanies paying the piano and helps feeling the rhythm». All studies are in Russian and it helps the Turkish students to master and understand language specificities.




Akkuyu NPP JSC Press Service