November 18, 2022, Büyükeceli, Mersin Province, Turkey. – A temporary desalination plant started its operation at the Akkuyu NPP construction site. The plant will provide construction and installation works with fresh water. The fresh water production capacity of the pump station is 45 cubic meters per hour or 1080 cubic meters a day.


Inside the desalination plant, water runs through a system of mesh filters for removing large particles, and then enters into an ultrafiltration device, where colloids and other substances are efficiently removed from the water.


The main desalination process takes places in so-called reverse-osmosis device. This is a special type of filtration, where the ionic substances dissolved in water are separated. Then, dolomite filters return minerals to water. After that, water is chlorinated and by means of the pump station flows through pipelines into the water receiving tanks that have already been installed and commissioned.


The temporary desalination plant was built using mostly Turkish-made components, such as pipelines, pumps and water treatment systems. The construction took about 5 months.


AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC First Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Director of NPP under Construction Sergey Butckikh: "Adjustment and commissioning of the desalination plant is an important step towards providing Akkuyu NPP construction site with service water for construction and installation works, domestic needs and compliance with fire safety requirements at the plant construction stage. The desalinated water will also be used for producing chemically demineralized water, which, by the way, will be used at a special plant for pressurizer flushing to open reactor ".

Construction and installation works are being performed in all construction areas of the main and auxiliary facilities at the Akkuyu NPP site, namely: four power units, on-shore hydraulic engineering structures, power output system, administrative buildings, training center, and physical protection facilities.