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The AKKUYU NPP JSC employees attended a ceremonial celebratory assembly dedicated to the beginning of a new school year


Representatives of AKKUYU NPP JSC spent the first day of the new 2014-2015 school year together with students of primary school of the Buyukedzheli village (the nearest settlement to the “Akkuyu” NPP site). Three years ago, the Design Company has taken the educational institution under patronage and its employees actively participate in various cultural activities of the school.



The celebratory assembly devoted to the beginning of a new school year was attended by Lyutfi Sarydzhi, Head of the Public Information Center (PIC) of “Akkuyu” NPP in Buyukedzheli, Sadik Guleryuz, School Principal, teachers and parents of students. Speaking to students, Lyutfi Sarydzhi wished them success in the new school year: “Only through hard cooperative work every one of you will be able to contribute to the prosperity of Turkey. I am sure that, if you focus on your studies, study hard, show enough desire to do well in school, you will all succeed and no difficulties will prevent you from reaching your goals. In the XXI century education plays an important role in everyone’s life, and the knowledge you get in school are the foundation for your professional future. Commitment manifested in studies will be a cause for the joy of your parents and relatives. Only making efforts and studying hard you may see how the world changes around you”. The PIC Director said that the Design Company will further provide assistance to students and actively participate in the social life of the educational institution.


Then Sadik Guleryuz, Buyukedzheli School Principal, took the floor. He congratulated the children with the new school year and wished them success in development of the knowledge gained. Turning to students Gyuleryuz said, “Try your best to take advantage of everything that the school gives to you. Be diligent as only those, who observe discipline, listen to teachers and study regularly and diligently, do well in school”. The School Principal thanked AKKUYU NPP JSC for its assistance in the organization of teaching and learning activities.


After the official part students recited poems learned by heart, after which they received gifts necessary for each student – schoolbags with stationery. After the celebratory assembly children went to their classes in order to acquire new knowledge during the school year.



Press Service of Akkuyu NPP JSC