The citizens of Gülnar District visited “Akkuyu” NPP Site


AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, which is constructing the first nuclear power plant in Turkey in Gülnar District, Province of Mersin, organized a visit of the neighboring settlements’ representatives to the NPP construction site.


The Head of Gülnar Administration Ekrem Güngör and District Center Mayor Ahmet Günel headed the delegation, consisting of over 100 people from 20 villages and settlements.


The Chief Executive Officer of AKKUYU NUCLEAR Yuri Galanchuk accompanied the local people during the visit. He conducted a tour and told in detail where the main buildings and structures of the nuclear power plant would be situated, what authorization documents had been issued by now, what civil engineering works on the basis of the Limited Work Permit received were being conducted on the site.


During the visit the Head of Tozkovan village Mehmet Kafadar has assessed what he saw: “The nuclear power plant is an advantage for our motherland and our people. Nuclear power plants are situated in many countries – Russia, Japan, France, so why our country shouldn’t have nuclear power plants? Each citizen of Turkey, who wants his country to move forward, must support this project. The plant will greatly benefit the whole country and our region. Now, before the beginning of the big construction, some inhabitants of our village are already working for the project, and later their number will be even more.”





The Head of Halifeler village Adem Tola considers that due to the nuclear power plant the neighboring communities will see significant changes. “First of all, this will make it possible to solve the problem of unemployment. We believe and expect that the youth will no longer go to big cities in search of jobs, they will stay here – on their land, they will make families, and our Motherland will flourish”.












 The Head of Koçaşlı village, situated in Gülnar district, Cengiz Erhan also expressed his opinion: “The nuclear power plant construction is a good possibility for developing the infrastructure of the district. During the nearest several years we will see how the plant will influence the development of our district.”












In his turn the Head of the Gülnar District Administration E. Güngör, while summing up the meeting, noted that the Akkuyu NPP project was the biggest energy project in the history of the Republic of Turkey. “With the NPP commissioning Gülnar district will become the first and the major center for development of the Turkish electric power industry. We are proud that the population of the district has the possibility to participate in such global for the Republic project. It is very important that the local population even now undergoes professional training and obtains necessary skills for subsequent working at Akkuyu NPP, – E. Güngör said.



The Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) on cooperation of Russia and Turkey in construction and operation of Turkey’s first nuclear power plant at Akkuyu site in the town of Büyükeceli in Gülnar district of Mersin Province in the south of Turkey was signed in Ankara in 2010. The Akkuyu NPP project consists of four Power Units with Russian-manufactured Generation III+ VVER reactors and safety systems to tackle any scenario. Capacity of each power unit of the NPP will total 1,200MW. The total project cost is approximately USD 20 billion.

On 13th October 2011, the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (ТАЕК) granted to AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC a valid license for the site. In November 2013, TAEK approved the Basic Site Report prepared by AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC within the framework of the Site License Conditions as applicable to the Akkuyu NPP building with installed capacity of 4,800MW. On 1st December 2014, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey approved the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) prepared by AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC for the Akkuyu NPP project. On 9th February 2017, TAEK approved the design parameters of the Akkuyu NPP site. On 3rd March 2017, the Construction License application was filed to TAEK. According to the IGA, commissioning of Akkuyu NPP’s Power Unit 1 will take place within seven years from the date of receipt of all permits required to start construction activities.