The employees of The Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant participated in opening exercises dedicated to the new school year in Turkey

The employees of The Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant visited primary school in the settlement Büyükeceli,MersinProvince. Two years ago The Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant took under its patronage school in the settlement Büyükeceli and now company representatives actively participate in school events. In view of a new school year project company presented backpacks with necessary stationery for studies to more than 270 pupils. The company also sponsored the renovation of the school, so children could come for new knowledge to new classrooms.


District education administration head, director of public information centre (PIC)  in Büyükeceli, school head master, teachers and pupils’ parents attended the opening exercises dedicated to school year beginning. During the ceremony, the director of the PIC Lyufti Sarydzhi gave speech. During the speech Sarydzhi mentioned that it is necessary to be diligent and listen to teachers in order to study hard. He also pointed that company The Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant will help pupils and participate in school public life. Director of the PIC reported that this study year child picture competition would take place again. “The Environment and The Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant will become its main topics. I invite everyone to participate in the competition. Winners will go to Russia and have an opportunity to see the acting nuclear plant with their own eyes”,-said Sarydzhi. In return, pupils promised Director of the PIC to study hard and show their art talents in the art event.




Then school head master Sadyk Gyuleroz had the floor. He thanked company The Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant for annual help, which it provides for pupils. Gyuleroz especially mentioned that school study is a very important life stage of every human. “If you want to grow up intelligent and educated, it is necessary to do your best at studies. Try to use everything which school gives to you. Show diligence, because the ones who are disciplined and diligent in studies, reach their goals and study well”, mentioned Gyuleroz. After the official part pupils were granted backpacks and they crossed the threshold of the school in order to get new knowledge during the study year.




Akkuyu NPP JSC press service