The fifth group of students from Turkey arrived to Russia within the specialist training program for Akkuyu NPP


The new (fifth) group of students from Turkey to the number of 78 persons arrived to Russia for training within the specialist training program for work at Akkuyu NPP. 48 students will be trained at pre-university courses of the Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering of the National research nuclear university “MEPhI” (INPE NRNU MEPhI) in the city of Obninsk (the Kaluga Region, Russia), and 30 persons will be trained in St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University (SPbPU). In the airport they were welcomed by employees of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, employees of Russian higher education institutions, and representative of mass media of Turkey.




In order to become students of Russian higher education institutions, young people had to pass written examinations, and then they had to get through the interview. This year, 6,155 Turkish citizens have made applications for training. Among the applicants, there were students of the first, second, third and fourth year of education from departments with study of physics and/or mathematics of faculties of engineering and faculties of science of Hacettepe University, Middle East Technical University, Istanbul University, universities of Ankara and other higher education institutes of the Republic of Turkey. Russian teachers have selected about 600 persons among the applicants. After entrance examinations 80 persons remained, and they formed the new group.


In future all students will work at the first nuclear power plant of Turkey, Akkuyu NPP, in the Mersin Province. Total duration of training will be about 7 years: during one year the students will study Russian language, then for 5.5 years they will need to receive training with the specialization in “Nuclear power plants: design, operation and engineering,” after that their practical training at one of the enterprises of the State Corporation Rosatom is planned depending on the qualification conferred upon the completion of training.





Among the welcomers from INPE NRNU MEPhI, there were teachers of Russian language: Natalia Zharkova and Nadezhda Kondrat. Natalia Zharkova noted: “Every year we try to welcome new students. They had eventful days: entrance examinations have passed, official meeting took place in Ankara in the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey, and then they all left for the airport of Ankara for flight to Russia. Now they will need to be accommodated in the hostel of the higher education institution, and in a short time they will have an ambitious training program. It should be pointed out that in our institute a conversation club is arranged where Russian young people communicate with foreign students in Russian language. Students from Bangladesh, Vietnam, Jordan, Mongolia, Turkey, African countries and other states participate there. Thus, Russian language is a bridge language for the young people.” Students of the first year also arrived to the airport. Denizhan Kotan noted: “Last year we arrived and studied at the pre-university courses. We were welcomed by employees of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC and senior students. Today we took the baton of meeting upon ourselves. We will tell and show the city of Obninsk to the new students so they could get accustomed quickly.”


From the airport the arrived group went in an orderly manner to INPE NRNU MEPhi for accommodation in the hostel. The newcomers were warmly welcomed by their fellow countrymen and mentors who study at the Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering for some time now. They promised to take the young people under their patronage, to help them to study Russian language and to get accustomed to the life in Russia.


AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC pays careful attention to the process of training of future specialists from Turkey who will work at the first nuclear power plant in the Republic. Students trained within the program attend industrial enterprises included to the line of the State Corporation Rosatom. For example, in 2014 several groups visited Kalinin NPP (the Tver Region, Russia), and at the beginning of 2015 some groups attended the Machine Engineering Plant where assembly of fuel elements for nuclear reactors was performed. September 30, 2015, another group of Turkish students attended Kalinin NPP, and visits to the acting Russian nuclear power plant are also planned October 14 and October 27. The joint-stock company involves students into participation in different cultural, educational and public events conducted in NRNU MEPhI.


For reference:

Educational program for specialist training for work at Akkuyu NPP is implemented according to the Intergovernmental Agreement, signed between the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation May 12, 2010. Training of the new group will take place at the Russian National research nuclear university MEPhI in the city of Moscow and at Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering of NRNU MEPhI (filial branch of the higher education institution) in the city of Obninsk. Since 2015, the training for the nuclear specialization will also take place in Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University (SPbPU). Nowadays, more than 300 students from Turkey are trained in Russia. In total, it is planned to train up to 600 persons.