The first night of international creative project “NucKids 2014” with participation of children from Turkey took place in the Russian capital


The first night of musical “Labyrinths of childhood” of the VI international children’s creative project “Nuclear Kids” was a success in Moscow.


This year in the children’s creative project “Nuclear Kids” talented children from Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Czech Republic take part. Preparatory part of the project started not far from Saint-Petersburg, in Repino village, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. Staging of the professional music show, which was directed by producer Vladimir Karabanov and choreographer Maxim Nedolechko, took about three weeks. The first night of the musical was on the 28th of July in Saint-Petersburg, then in Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk. After performance in Brno (Czech Republic) the musical took place in the capital of Slovakia – Bratislava.


Each year the best teachers educate young talented persons. The performance is staged according to a specially written script. In addition it is discussed with children and adapted according to their life experience. For 21 days (even professional actors prepare more for a show) the children have learnt long roles, rehearsed the most difficult dances and voice parts.


This year talented children have prepared a performance “Labyrinths of childhood”. “The performance consists of separate short stories. This time we deviated from the classical form – beginning, culmination, final. We have another dramaturgy here. These are separate full-fledged stories about how children want to grow up faster. Here everything is based on emotions which are presented in the musical in all diversity. What is there, behind the door? On the dark stage there are over a dozen of doors. New curious travelers appear in front of the children all the time. A little girl so much wants to sing in the club instead of her mother, and she has talent for that, and can wear parents’ clothes. Main characters of the other short story strive to escape from their parents’ care and run up hill and down dale”, - noted the producer Vladimir Karabanov. The children represented on the stage 12 different stories which are up-to-date. After the first night the audience presented flowers to the actors and congratulated them with the splendid first night.


Participants of the first years of the project who showed their wish to realize their potential on stage, in summer 2014 passed entrance exams and entered the leading Russian theatrical educational Institutions – GITIS (Russian University of Theatre Arts), MKhAT studio school (Higher Educational Institution under the Moscow Art Theatre), VGIK (Russian State University of Cinematography). Viktor Zakalyapin from Ozersk (Chelyabinsk region, Russia) who participated in NucKids several years in a row this year entered the Russia’s major theatrical Institution of Higher Education. “As soon as another project is over foreign partners get in touch with us and ask about our plans for the next year – they say that after “NucKids” children come back totally changed. They are more independent and focused”, - notes Anna Trapeznikova, director of the children’s project. Organizers of the project particularly noted children from the Republic of Turkey who’ve been taking part in the project for several years and it already becomes a tradition. Children are entrusted to perform the leading parts in the show.


The “Nuclear Kids” project has already become popular among countries of presence of Russian nuclear technologies. Each year the number of participants and international composition only increases. AKKUYU NPP JSC Project Company supports the international creative project. The third year in a row the company provides participation of children from the Republic of Turkey in this event.


For information:

“Nuclear Kids” is an international children’s creative project of “Rosatom” State Corporation which annually unites talented children of nuclear industry employees from Russia and foreign partner countries of “Rosatom” for staging and performance of this outstanding music show. “Rosatom” State Corporation is the main organizer and sponsor of the project which mainly focuses on strengthening of friendly relationships among children of nuclear industry employees of various countries, creation of conditions for creative development of talented children from closed cities of Rosatom, promotion of nuclear power industry among the growing generation. 

Akkuyu JSC Press Service