The fourth group of students from Turkey has started to be formed for education at NRNU MEPhI


The preparation for acceptance of the 4th group of Turkish students for education at the leading Russian institution of higher education –NationalResearchNuclearUniversity “MEPhI” (NRNU MEPhI). To become students of NRNU MEPhI the applicants fromTurkey will be tested in mathematics and physics, such tests will include the school curriculum tasks. The applicants who have passed the test will have to be interviewed by the representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of theRepublic ofTurkey and teachers of theNationalResearchNuclearUniversity.


In 2014 the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation allocated 100 budgetary places for education of Turkish students at MEPhI. An applicant from Turkey wishing to obtain the Russian education in the field of nuclear power engineering shall fill in the questionnaire on the web-site of the Project Company. Then, the applicants who have passed the selection round based on the number of points obtained when entering their university will be invited for the written test and the subsequent interview. The employees of the Ministry of Energy of Turkey and lecturers of the National Research Nuclear University will interview them. The Turkish students who have passed the entrance tests and have been accepted as students of NRNU MEPhI will have to study for 6.5 years (including one year of the pre-university course which includes studying the Russian language). After they obtain a diploma, they are planned to obtain the practical training at one of the operating NPP to solidify their knowledge in practical work. After completion of the educational program many Turkish students will work at Akkuyu NPP in Mersin Province.



The educational program of training of Turkish specialists for work at the first nuclear power plant within the Intergovernmental Agreement betweenRussiaandTurkeystarted in 2011. The first group of Turkish students comprised of 50 people came for education to the Research Nuclear University NRNU MEPhI at which it is studying now. In 2012 more than 3,000 people showed their willingness to study the nuclear power engineering at the leading technical institution of higher education of international fame. NRNU MEPhI is a leading institution of higher education in the field of nuclear power engineering having international ratings. The number of places for education at the nuclear university is limited. Every year tens of people compete for one place. In 2013 about 4,500 applications for education at theNationalResearchNuclearUniversitywere submitted inTurkey, it means that 45 people competed for one place.


At NRNU MEPhI special attention is paid to the quality of education. Young Turkish specialists who will obtain the diploma of theNationalResearchNuclearUniversitywill be needed at the labor market in the projects of development of the nuclear power engineering of theRepublicofTurkeywhich is confidently creating a new, high-technology and innovative branch.



For reference: The professional specialists in the field of nuclear power engineering for the Republic of Turkey are trained within the Intergovernmental Agreement which was entered by the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey on May 12, 2010. At present 190 Turkish students study at NRNU MEPhI in nuclear power engineering specialties (78 - take the pre-university course, 64 -  are in the first year of studies and 48 -  are in the second year of studies).



Akkuyu NPP JSC Press Service