The head of Rosatom Central Europe spoke at the Business day of the Russia at the International Engineering Fair in Brno (Czech Republic)


The traditional Business Day of the Russian Federation has become one of the most interesting events of International Engineering Fair in Brno. Thanks to the efforts of the organizers - Commercial and Industry Chamber for Economic Relations with CIS countries with the support of embassies and trade missions of the Russian Federation in the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic – high level participants visited the event among whom were the ambassador of the Czech Republic in the Russian Federation and the ambassador of Russian Federation in the Czech Republic, heads of the ministries of industry and trade of both countries, representatives of the regions of the Czech Republic and Russia and entrepreneurs.




Jan Mladek the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic greeted the participants of the business day. In his speech, Jan Mladek noted the prospects of the cooperation between companies of the two countries in the nuclear sphere. Czech companies that operate in nuclear engineering have established a cluster and now able to act as a single contractor in relations with Rosatom", - the minister said. He said that Czech companies could expand their supplies to the NPPs that Rosatom is building in the third countries.
Nuclear cooperation between the Czech Republic and Russia has been going on for 60 years. In his turn Vadim Titov regional vice president of Rusatom International Network in the countries of Central Europe described the long history of the two countries and the cooperation within the latest bilateral projects.
The joint work of the Czech and Russian nuclear scientists began in 1955 with the signing of the Soviet-Czechoslovakian agreement on the assistance in the field of nuclear physics and the use of nuclear energy to meet the needs of the national economy.
As Vadim Titov remarked Rosatom and its Czech partners are actively collaborating in many areas - from the production of frame structure, cables, pump aggregates for new units of nuclear reactors all over the world to design complex solutions, such as the engine room of the most powerful experimental fast neutron reactor MBIR which is being built by Rosatom in Dimitrovgrad. In many Rosatom projects Czech companies participate as experts and designers.
"For 60 years, the Czech-Russian cooperation in the nuclear field facilitated the development of a powerful nuclear energy sector in Central Europe, has made a significant contribution to increasing the safety and reliability of nuclear technology and laid down the foundation for further possible cooperation, including the construction of new nuclear power plants in Czech Republic "- summed up his speech, Vadim Titov.
Source: Press Service of Rosatom International Network