The official ceremony of ATOMEXPO-2012 opening has been held in Moscow>

The official ceremony of Forum ATOMEXPO-2012 opening has been held in Moscow. It was participated by Deputy Chairman of the Council of Federation Mr. Alexander Troshin, director of the Forum, Dr. Leonid Bolshov, director of Institute of Nuclear Power Industry Safe Development, Mrs. Elizabeth Dipuo Peters, minester of energy of the South-African Republic, Mr. Loran Striker, Chairman of World Association of Nuclear Operators and Jan Telfer, board chairman of Uranium One.

In his welcome remarks Mr. Sergey Kirienko highlighted that this year the area of the exposition was doubled and the number of participants grew up to 1300 persons, he said: “We are glad to welcome both our regular guests, participating the Forum annually, and newcomers. This is the evidence of trust, and trust, reliability and safety are key factors of nuclear power industry development, especially now, in a year after event at Fukushima-1. Last year 10 new reactors were commissioned and 10 of them are of Russian design, constructions of five new units was started. The demand for production of Russian nuclear industry was not only decreased, it grew up into 2 times. We highly appreciated this trust, especially, when Russian technologies are selected by the countries, which has been just initiated their nuclear programs. We signed the contracts for construction of the first NPPs in Turkey, Vietnam, Belorussia, Bangladesh, today the signature of the agreement with Nigeria took place”.

Mr. Alexander Troshin welcomed the participants on behalf of Mrs. V. Matvienko, the Chairman of the Council of Federation, he pointed out: “Nuclear power industry, probably, the most dynamic branch of Russian industry. We, law-makers, feel difficulties to be in pace with development of nuclear technologies, safety requirements, that’s why there are so many of us here, at this Forum”.

Mr. Loran Striker in his address focused on significance of ensuring NPP operational safety. He emphasized: “Our main priority is safety. After Fukushima event we developed an ambitious action plan and it is very important for the operators to demonstrate the devotedness to this plan.”