The representatives of AKKUYU NPP JSC took part in the international forum on nuclear insurance


The international forum “Nuclear Insurance: Edge of Safety and Tetrahedron of Responsibility” took place in Moscow. More than 100 representatives of insurance organizations from Russia, France, Germany and other countries took part in the forum. The Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Director on Legal and Corporate Affairs Ilya Smirnov and senior legal adviser Olga Kirillova visited the forum on the part of the Project Company of AKKUYU NPP JSC.


In the course of the forum panel discussions “Actual problems of insurance of nuclear risks”, “International nuclear law and global nuclear liability regime” were carried out, there was a workshop “Global nuclear safety, nuclear insurance and knowledge management.” The participants of international forum have discussed aspects of a modern model of nuclear insurance. The representatives of Russian nuclear branch and international organizations presented reports on development of nuclear power engineering after the accident at the Fukushima NPP, safety of existing and under construction nuclear plants, experience of societies of mutual nuclear insurance.


The Director of the Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russia Academy of Sciences (IBRAE RAN) Leonid Bolshov spoke in the course of the plenary session. He presented a presentation on prospects for the development and safety requirements of nuclear power engineering, role on nuclear risks insurance in safety improving and acceptability of nuclear technologies. The Director of IBRAE RAN drew attention of the forum participants by words: “It is possible to ensure a sustainable development of nuclear power engineering only by joint efforts of the state, nuclear branch, participants of the insurance market and international community constituent the tetrahedron of responsibility in the area of nuclear insurance.” Ilya Smirnov presenting at the plenary session noted: “The development of nuclear power engineering, expansion of Russian nuclear technologies at the world market, revision of requirements to nuclear plants safety are factors that put an issue on creation of a modern system of nuclear risks insurance on the agenda. The international event of such level help to define in what direction it is necessary to move in the area of insurance.”


A set of issues were discussed in the course of the panel discussion “International nuclear law and global nuclear liability regime”: harmonization of international legislation on regulation of nuclear liability, development of national legislation in the area of nuclear risks insurance, civil liability for nuclear damage and insurance of risks.




Akkuyu NPP JSC Press Service