The representatives of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey visited Leningrad NPP-2


The delegation of the members of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (GNAT) visited Leningrad NPP-2 under construction, took part in the briefing in the Saint Petersburg Branch of the Non-state Educational Establishment for Further Vocational Education “Central Institute for Continuing Education of Rosatom SC” and paid a visit to the Public Information Center of Leningrad NPP.


After the representative meeting in Moscow the GNAT members left for Saint Petersburg to visit the Branch of the Non-state Educational Establishment for Further Vocational Education “Central Institute for Continuing Education of Rosatom SC” (NEE FVE CICE of Rosatom). Tair Tairov, the Branch Director, briefed the members of the delegation comprising 21 deputies of the GNAT. According to the Director, the task of the Branch of CICE of Rosatom is to enhance professional qualifications and re-train builders, engineers and operators of NPPs.


Tair Tairov told the briefing participants that the CICE of Rosatom had been established in 1969 and celebrated 45th anniversary. He said that since 2010 the CICE has become one of the leading centers to train specialists for the Russian nuclear industry due to a comprehensive reorganization. The Institute houses on a regular basis international and regional fora and conferences dealing with NPP safety issues, enhancement of construction qualification, forming of regional centers of nuclear energy, regional communication and information activities. According to Tairov, the Saint Petersburg Branch of the CICE trained four thousand specialists in 2013. Tair Tairov also said that the CICE was actively collaborating with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the matter of NPP safety systems. Study of such issues is one of the priority areas among the NEE FVE CICE of Rosatom’s activities. The Institute pays special attention in its research and educational activities to such issues like radiation situations, industrial and ecological safety. Among the subject matters of the curricula of the CICE of Rosatom there are NPP security, storage of spent fuel and its safe and secure transportation.



The NEE FVE CICE of Rosatom has 140 various curricula, and among 136 trainers involved in the Institute educational activities two are experts of IAEA. The Head of the Institute answered questions of the representatives of the Turkish Parliament. When replying to one of the questions, he stressed that in Russia there were rather big number of NPPs with neighboring large settlements and agricultural organizations. Tairov told that the radiation background measurements were being uninterruptedly performed on the territory within a range of 30km from nuclear power plants, and the measurement findings were being openly posted in Internet in real time. The inhabitants of these regions were passing regular medical examinations. Tairov also said that the background radiation indications nearby NPPs were used to be noticeably lower than similar indications in megalopolises of various countries.


After the briefing the deputies of the GNAT visited the Public Information Center (PIC) of Leningrad NPP, where its specialists made a detailed report on principles of the nuclear power plant operation. Specialists of Leningrad NPP-2 under construction showed to the Turkish guests the construction site, different equipment to be used during construction operations.


Upon completion of the highly topical program Halil Mazıcıoğlu underlined that as of today Turkey was second after China in the field of power consumption; he also told that annually the country was importing energy resources to the amount about US $60 billion. According to Mazıcıoğlu, after commissioning of the NPPs in Akkuyu and Sinop, Turkey will be able to save up to US $7.2 bln. on delivery of natural gas, that will allow to reduce the foreign-trade deficit approximately by 10%. The deputy also said that participation on the NPP construction would allow Turkish companies fulfilling orders to the amount of US $8 bln. The members of the Turkish delegation noted that one Turkish company was participating in the Leningrad NPP-2 construction project. According to Halil Mazıcıoğlu this fact is a perfect example for the whole Turkish business community which is now able to participate in construction of NPP both in Turkey and abroad.


The Head of the Energy Committee of the GNAT thanked the Director of the Branch of the NEE FVE CICE of Rosatom for exhaustive replies. «When coming to Russia the GNAT deputies got an opportunity to witness the NPP operation on-site as well as receive answers to all questions from specialists competent in the nuclear energy. In the Central Institute for Continuing Education of Rosatom SC the delegation heard reports about the nuclear energy, got to know the principles of operation of the Russian nuclear industry. It was a useful and constructive visit for us. The information received during the visit we shall certainly communicate to the public opinion in Turkey» – Mazıcıoğlu said.



Hüseyin Filiz, member of the Justice and Development Party (JDP), highly appreciated the visit to the Saint Petersburg Branch of NEE FVE CICE of Rosatom. He underlined that the specialists gave irrefragable answers to all deputies’ questions. Mustafa Öztürk thanked Tair Tairov for his good story. Soner Aksoy said that all meetings the Turkish delegation had in Russia were very productive and constructive. According to him the members of the delegation received answers to many questions. Hasan Ören, member of the Republican People’s Party, expressed thanks to the representatives of Rosatom SC and to Tair Tairov in person. Ören gave an opinion that the visit was very informative and constructive. The GNAT deputies get first-hand informed about the NPP operation – from the leading specialists of the Russian nuclear industry. The deputies of the GNAT from the Justice and Development Party (JDP) and the Republican People’s Party also thanked the employees of AKKUYU NPP JSC for organization of the visit and underlined that the visit to the CICE was useful and informative.


At the end of the visit Halil Mazıcıoğlu noted that the visit to Russia became the most representative visit of the Turkish parliamentarians abroad of late. He thanked Sergey Kirienko, Chief Executive Officer of Rosatom State Corporation, and Fuad Akhundov, Chief Executive Officer of AKKUYU NPP JSC, for invitation and organization of the visit.



Press Service of Akkuyu NPP