The Representatives of the Largest Technical Institutions of Higher Education and Mass Media of Turkey Visited the Novovoronezh NPP-2


The Turkish representative delegation consisting of heads of departments of the Mersin University, professors and rector of the Toros University, pro-rectors of the Istanbul Technical University and Hacettepe University and journalists of the leading mass media of the Republic of Turkey (“Dogan” and “Anadolu” information agencies, “Silifke”, “Akdeniz” and “Dunya” newspapers and others) visited the Novovoronezh NPP-2.


The two-day visit program started with the presentation of the project of the Novovoronezh NPP-2 being built. The Head of the Center of Public Information (CPI) Yury Pegusov noted that the operating Novovoronezh NPP-2 was one of the most important enterprises of the nuclear industry of the Russian Federation. Its launch in 1964 was the starting point in the history of formation of the nuclear power engineering not only in Russiabut also in a number of Eastern and Central European countries. The Novovoronezh NPP satisfies the needs of Voronezh Region in electricity in full and up to 90% of the need of Novovoronezh (the NPP satellite town) in heat. In his speech Pegusov noted that the Novovoronezh NPP-2 was a nuclear power plant of the “NPP-2006”project with the VVER-1200 type reactor. It is known that it has become referential for the “Akkuyu” NPP which will be built in MersinProvinceof the Republicof Turkey. The CPI Head stressed that the launch of new power units at the plant would provide economic development of Voronezh Region as well as of the most Central Russia’s regions. “At present the construction of the Novovoronezh NPP-2 is the largest investment project of the Central Russia”.


After the meeting the delegation visited the 5th power unit of the Novovoronezh NPP and the NVNPP-2 construction site. The guests saw the reactor compartment, the turbine island of the power unit, unit pump stations, cooling towers, turbines and control center of the 5th power unit. The Chief Engineer of the power plant Viktor Vagner acted as a guide. He told about the main principles of the NPP operation, technical characteristics and peculiarities of the VVER type reactor and about safety systems. After visiting the main facilities of the operating power plant the group went to the Novovoronezh NPP-2 construction site where the delegation participants could estimate the progress of the new NPP construction. At present the construction involves about 4 thousand people and more than 25 companies. The representatives of the educational community and mass media of theRepublic ofTurkey were impressed greatly by the construction scale of power units No.1 and 2.


 On the second day the Turkish delegation visited the representative office of the Design Company in Moscow. The guests were welcomed by the Chief Executive Officer of AKKUYU NPP JSC Alexander Superfin. He told in detail about the construction project of the nuclear power plant in the Republic of Turkey, stressed the advantages of the chosen project realization model - BOO (Build-Own-Operate). He noted that the plans of Turkey concerning the power consumption growth and national income increase can be realized using this model. “The construction of “Akkuyu” NPP will favor the development of the infrastructure of the nearest settlements and Mersin Province in general. It will make it possible to develop the industry, expand the existing list of services and goods in the region and increase the living standards. The appearance of such large-scale facility as the NPP in the region will create new workplaces at the social sphere enterprises, such as trade, transport, education, medicine, etc. Apart from people engaged in construction (up to 10,000 people will work at the same time at the site in the peak years) about 2,500 of operating personnel will be engaged at the power plant”, noted the CEO.



In his report Superfin told about the current stage of the project realization and the work planned for future. The CEO reminded to the audience that the environmental impact assessment report for the NPP project had been submitted to the Ministry of Environment and City Planning of Turkey and was being considered by the officials. The CEO stressed that the activity performed under the project of “Akkuyu” NPP was being carried out in cooperation with the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK) and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).


After the presentation the CEO answered all questions. During the dialogue which lasted for more than 2.5 hours the issues of cooperation of the Design Company with the technical institutions of higher education in the field of science, participation of Turkish students in nuclear power engineering researches and transfer of education in nuclear qualifications to the Republic of Turkey were raised. The Toros University Rector Tayar Shen expressed his wish to participate in the specialist training program who will be much in demand after the construction of “Akuyu” NPP is finished. “The University is ready to contribute to the development of the Turkish nuclear power engineering. Our University has all necessary classrooms, the programs of foreign language study are being realized, we can train specialists and give additional education in partnership with you”, noted Tayar Shen.


The Head of the Power Engineering Department of theIstanbulTechnicalUniversitysaid in his speech: “We are very thankful to “Akuyu” NPP for the possibility and organization of the visit of the Novovoronezh power plant. The visit was very informative and useful. Such large-scale project will make it possible to bring our countries together. The cooperation ofRussiaandTurkeyboth in the industrial and academic spheres is extremely important. We understand that the nuclear power plant construction will change the life ofMersinProvincefor better. Our University is interested in development of the nuclear power engineering”.


The coordinator of the social organization “NükTe” Adil Buyan noted addressing the CEO: “I will make the best efforts to tell our citizens about what I have seen. We have visited a large city located near the NPP, the residents of which have workplaces and good salaries. Nobody is afraid of the NPP there. There is not harm to the nature. We are all delighted. We are surprised by the scale of the construction and production and by informational transparency. We understand that the Russian specialists can realize such difficult technical global projects. We thank the organizers of the event for their hospitality and hope for further fruitful cooperation”.




 Akkuyu NPP JSC Press Service