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The solemn ceremony of Filling First Concrete at Power Unit No. 4 of the Tyanvan NPP Took Place


In Lianyungang(JiangsuProvince, PRC) the solemn ceremony of filling first concrete at the construction site of power unit No. 4 of the second stage of the Tyanvan NPP took place. The representative of Russian State Nuclear Energy Corporation Rosatom in China Viktor Godin, the President of Joint Company OJSC NIAEP – CJSC “Atomstroyexport” Valery Limarenko and the Senior Vice-President – Director of Design Yury Ivanov took place in the solemn ceremony. The representatives of CNNC and JNPS participated in the solemn ceremony on the Chinese part. Valery Limarenko noted: “The construction of the second stage of the Tyanvan NPP is being performed in time and effectively thanks to close cooperation of the Russian and Chinese specialists and high professionalism of Chinese builders. It is one of the most effective units among the Chinese NPPs”. V. Limarenko also noted that Russiaand Chinawere holding the negotiations on the joint work on the third stage of the Tyanvan NPP.

The general contract for construction of the second stage of the Tyanvan NPP took effect on August 19, 2011. The technology of NPP 2006 (VVER-1000) is the basis of the project of the TNPP-2. Its main principles are maximum use of proven technologies, low cost and short period of construction, combination of the active and passive safety systems and decrease of the influence of the human factor on the safety. The competence of the Russian designer (SPbAEP) includes elaboration of the working documents to ensure performance of construction and assembly work for all buildings and facilities of the nuclear island of the nuclear power plant till 2018 and elaboration of technical and custom specifications for purchase of equipment and materials inRussia,China and third countries. The area of responsibility of the institute also includes development and agreement upon the project management procedures, preliminary and final reports on substantiation of safety and supporting topical reports, probabilistic analysis of safety and system project files for the TNPP-2 nuclear island systems.


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The Tyanvan NPP (TNPP) is located in Lianyungang the population of which is almost 4.5 million people, in Jiangsu Province at the coat of the Yellow Sea. The Tyanvan NPP is the largest project of economic cooperation of China and Russia. The first stage of the TNPP including power units No. 1 and 2 with reactor plants VVER-1000 with the capacity of 1,060 MW was transferred to the customer (Chinese state corporation JNPC) for warranty maintenance in 2007, in September 2009 – for commercial operation. The second stage of the TNPP includes power units No. 3 and 4 with reactor plants VVER-100 with the capacity of 1,060 MW. The beginning of commercial operation is planned for 2018: power unit No. 3 – February 2018, power unit No. 4 – December 2018.