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The student of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI from Turkey had organized the English club


Students from Turkey who study the specialist training program for “Akkuyu” NPP in the National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” (Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute) / MEPhI improve their English language skills. The founder and the teacher of the club is a first year student Aysel Karacak. Lessons are free of charge and take place once a week. In order to improve their knowledge the students fromTurkey,Russia,India,Indonesia,Jordanattend the classes.


The teacher of English Aysel Karacak said: “Before entering the specialist training program for “Akkuyu” NPP I studied atUniversityofIstanbulwhere the education is fully in English. For a long time I had an idea to create a club to learn the world’s most popular foreign language. And when I realized that many of my new friends from National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” are not good at English, I organized this club. During the lessons we discuss different topics, read out loud, work on right pronunciation. In my family we speak many languages – my mother knows Arabic, my father knows German, and my brother speaks Korean. My father lived inGermanyfor a long time, my brother lived inFranceand theUSA. This is why I can say that I have an international family”.




A first year student from Indonesia Salahutdin al-Ayubi shared his impression about the classes: “Everybody knows that nowadays English is one of the most popular languages in the world. That’s why we need to know it. In the language club we communicate, talk about ourselves, about our countries, and get to know the cultural characteristics of various countries. Time flies very fast during the lessons and I always look forward to the new one”. A first year postgraduate student from Jordan Ayman Abu Gazal added: “I attend the club in order to recover my knowledge of English because I haven’t had speaking practice for a long time. We also review the grammar. We study while playing which let us better memorize the words and set expressions. I really need English nowadays because I am going to write my dissertation in this language. I want to thank Aysel Karacak for this opportunity”.


The program of the National Research Nuclear University“MEPhI” is filled with technical subjects – starting with algebra and geometry up to theoretical mechanics and nuclear physics. The dean of the faculty of Physics and Technology Georgy Tikhomirov said: “Owing to the specific character of the specialist training program for nuclear energy the studying of English language is not provided. During one year of the pre-university courses students learn Russian as a foreign language, because it is the language of the education subsequent years. The initiative of the student fromTurkeyis welcomed because that let the club’s members better understand Russian language as well as it plays a role of a connecting link in the process of communication”.


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Specialist training educational program for working at “Akkuyu” NPP is implemented in accordance with Intergovernmental agreement, signed by the Republic Of Turkey and Russian Federation on May 12, 2010. The training takes place at the National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” in Moscow and at the Atomic Energy Institute of the National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”(branch of the university) in Obninsk (Kaluga oblast, Russia). Since 2015the tuition on nuclear specialty also takes place at Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU). As of today there are more than 300 students from Turkey who study in Russia.