The students of NRNU MEPhI from Turkey took part in information seminar on the topic of “Peculiarities of NPP project in Turkey”


In the centre of Moscow, the central exhibition hall “Manezh” hosts a cultural and historical exhibition “70 years of nuclear industry. Chain reaction of success” dedicated to seventy year anniversary of the Russian nuclear industry. Different events are being held on the basis of exhibition. Students from Turkey studying in the Russian National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” (NRNU MEPhI), according to the program of specialist training for work at “Akkuyu” NPP, took part in information seminar on the topic of “Peculiarities of NPP project in Turkey”. The speakers were: Director for Design of “Akkuyu” NPP from “Atomenergoproekt” JSC (incorporated in Rosatom State Corporation), Andrey Kuchumov, and Director for Operation of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, Igor Bogomolov.




The exhibition space of Manezh is conventionally separated into a number of topical exposition areas representing a single complex of installations dedicated to main periods of development of the Russian nuclear industry. The hosts applied state-of-the-art technologies enabling the visitors to get an idea of those events and people which are represented by items on display. About 700 rare showpieces were brought to the exhibition from museums and archives of the Russian enterprises from the industry, some of which haven’t been previously on display in Moscow.  The exposition is rich in archive documents and newsreel, mock-ups and originals of equipments, drawings, maps and many other things.


Turkish students visited the exhibition and got familiarized with the key stages in development of the Russian nuclear industry. In the historical part, they learned about key events in formation of nuclear power sector in the USSR. The main subject addressed by the guide became a story about the Soviet nuclear project, geopolitical premises and social and economic conditions of its execution. A considerable part of the exhibition tells about current projects of the Russian atomic scientists. Students from Turkey learned about the contemporary state and prospects for development of hi-tech industry. “Nuclear power plant” and “Nuclear power horizons” installations are dedicated to the strategy of Rosatom State Corporation, its development prospects, achievements of enterprises and individual persons. Future Turkish specialists learned about contribution of the Russian State Corporation on Nuclear Power to development of innovative nuclear technologies for power generation, national economy, medicine. The students could also closely examine the information dedicated to the world’s only Nuclear Navy which belongs to Russia.




 A student of the 3rd year, monitor Abdulla Kasal shared his impressions from the exhibition: “The abundance of exposition with information, showpieces, mock-ups, documents is impressive. The history of nuclear industry development is presented in much detail. I best remember the stand about Igor Kurchatov – his letters, documents, work records, personal things. Such events are very important because unfortunately not all people understand the significance of nuclear power. And here you can take a close look at operation of NPP, pose questions to guides and get replies”.


After doing the exhibition, Turkish students attended the information seminar. Director for Design of “Akkuyu” NPP, Andrey Kuchumov (“Atomenergoproekt” JSC) made a presentation on the topic of “Technical solutions of “Akkuyu” NPP Project”. He spoke about the status of execution of the first Turkish nuclear power plant; about the main technical-economic indicators of “Akkuyu” NPP and differences from the reference Novovoronezhskaya NPP-2 (Voronezh region, Russia); about technical solutions for security systems; about measures for increasing stability of power units to extreme impacts. “You could say that “Akkuyu” NPP is the most reliable and safe plant in the world. The first nuclear plant on the territory of Turkey will apply secure, tried and tested in different countries and improved Russian technologies. The project provides for active and passive safety systems, longstanding (at least 72 hours) ability to prevent damage of fuel in excess of permissible limits, availability of corium trap which simply would not allow, which in any case is extremely unlikely, the molten fuel out of the power unit building. The system of passive heat removal is designed for ongoing removal of residual heat from reactor, including under conditions when all power supply sources are unavailable”, - Andrey Kuchumov noted. He also said that the modern information technologies applied in implementation of the project have been proven at different construction sites in Russia and other countries. “We apply unique integrated information environment for development and verification of project solutions. Information model of NPP has been created, which meets all requirements given in the technical assignment. It includes: management of requirements, cost of procurement and deliveries, construction, planning and time management, as well as engineering and design”, - Director for Design of “Akkuyu” NPP added.




Director for Operation of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, Igor Bogomolov told us about interaction with governmental authorities of the Turkish Republic. Replying to questions of the students, he remarked: “The activities of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC are carried out by way of interaction and cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Turkish Republic, Turkish Atomic Energy Authority, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of Turkey and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The project is in the active phase of preparatory period, financing is carried out in sufficient amount. There is an aggravated situation in terms of safety in Turkey, at the moment. Terrorist activity has grown but this is not an obstacle for the project, as yet in the autumn of 2013 the territory of “Akkuyu” NPP site received a special security area status. We wait for the new composition of Turkish Parliament to form in order to make amendments to the law of Turkish Republic on construction of NPP. The attention and interest of investors to the project has not diminished in any way. We continue working in all directions of project implementation”. Igor Bogomolov expressed confidence that in the not so distant future he will meet at the site of “Akkuyu” NPP with many students sitting in the hall. After reports speakers replied to all questions of the students.


Upon completion of the seminar, student of the 2nd year, Chidem Sharlayan noted: “Such seminars are very informative and efficient as we can communicate not only with university professors but also with the specialists who are directly involved in design of nuclear plant, and who have large practical experience in working at NPP. I always attend such events with pleasure”. Barysh Gungor, the 2nd year student shared his impressions from the exhibition and information seminar: “I liked the exhibition a lot. You can see at once that Russia is a country with well-developed nuclear power – from production of uranium ore to construction of nuclear icebreaker and decommissioning of NPP. From the seminar, I mostly remember about active and passive safety systems, differences of Novovoronezhskaya NPP-2 from “Akkuyu” NPP. I am very glad to receive education in NRNU MEPhI and I hope that in the future I will work at the first Turkish nuclear plant”.


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Educational program of specialist training for work at "Akkuyu" NPP is implemented according to Intergovernmental Agreement which was signed between Turkish Republic and Russian Federation on May 12, 2010. Education is performed in the Russian National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” in Moscow and in the Institute of Nuclear Power of NRNU MEPhI (branch of university) in Obninsk. From 2015 and on, education in atomic branch of study will be also performed in Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University (SPbPU). For today, over 240 students from Turkey are studying in NRNU MEPhI, in total it is planned to educate up to 600 persons. In 2015, 6,155 applications for 80 places were submitted in Turkey for participation in entrance tests for admission to the university. Arrival of new group is planned in October of this year.