The Turkish Governmental Delegation ended its visit to Novovoronezh NPP

On May 30, 2012 the government delegation of various environmental agencies of the Republic of Turkey ended its two-day working visit to operating Novovoronezh NPP and Novovoronezh NPP2 under construction.
During the visit the members of the delegation met the management and specialists of the both plants, were at the industrial sites, saw the equipment of the operating NPP and took part in a drill at the full-scale simulator in the Training Center.
The scale of the construction activities at NV NPP2 has impressed the Turkish representatives, where they visited not only the reactor compartment and the turbine hall but mounted the erected 172m cooling tower of Unit 1. The specialists of NV NPP2 told about the new plant construction progress.
For day two of the visit a “round table” was arranged which united the NPP specialists, representatives of the oversight authorities and public organizations. Several presentations were made during this event, dedicated to the NPP radiation impact on the environment, ecology and radiation safety of the population of the town of Novovoronez, and NPP nature protection activities. It is worthwhile to note that the guests’ questions were so numerous that the originally scheduled agenda practically outlasted twofold.
«I’d like to express my delight with the high level of competence of the Russian specialists. – told Mr. Ali Riza Tanaz, Chairman of the Department of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. – We received exhaustive and well-grounded answers to all our questions during the “round table”.
«As a representative of the Ministry of Environment and as a person directly involved in analyzing potential consequences of the nuclear power plant operation, - remarked Mr. Osman Őstürk, Head of the delegation, - I may say that all we’ve seen here convince us of the real safety of this facility».
Mr. Ilker Sert, Advisor of the Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources stated about the visit results: «Turkey is seeking to become a country with its own nuclear power plant and nuclear energy industry: the Government made a decision that by 2023 the nuclear energy would satisfy 20 per cent of country’s power needs. Turkey has re-confirmed such a position by signing the Intergovernmental Agreement with Russia. And this visit gave us an opportunity to see the actual construction process, to have a look at the whole structure of the plant. We had a unique occasion to see all stages of the nuclear energy development with VVER reactors, which will be installed at Akkuyu NPP: from construction of new units through their decommissioning, and also very important aspect of the entire process, notably, public relation practice».
«Very high levels of security at your plant and very low nuclear generating cost have triggered our brightest impressions. – shared his impressions Mr. Ilker Sert. – Think, for instance, of a coal-fired power plant, take into account all its waste, territories needed for such a waste, and the two plants are disparate. This is very clean, punctual and space saving facility. And we really need generation of such cheap power on our territory. We saw that from the ecological point of view, the environmental impact is similarly minimal, that the management of the plant is open to dialogue with the public».