It is a significant moment to commemorate the celebration in honour of Labour & Solidarity Day, 01 May, and the pride of the workers taking part in the building of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant for the Republic of Turkey. A message of unity is sang by the workers for their heartfelt comradery and their dedication to the development of this iconic construction project.


Akkuyu workers made this remarkable video clip "Everything I have in life!" on the construction site of Akkuyu NPP, currently largest construction site in the world of the nuclear industry. The singing and joyfulness expressed by the employees as they joined in solidarity to create the music video is a sincere token of their hard work and love for what they do.


“We really love our job! And even though we do not perform very professionally, which is quite excusable because our profession is to build, but we sing from the bottom of our hearts! This is our ode to love to the Project, which has united people of different professions, nationalities and cultures for decades! And, indeed, our work is “Everything that I have in my life”, Akkuyu employees noted in the message delivered with the video as a mark of their commitment and devotion to the project.


“Singing is perhaps one of the last things I would prefer to do and love. However, if you aim to do something with passion, something right and good in life; then your job turns into passion and love rather than work! Although I was a little nervous at first when they said "are you ready to sing", it was a difficult task for me to be a part of such a job! But eventually it makes both me and my workfellows feel so good, proud and inspired to be a part of such a great team of different professions, nationalities and cultures as we all feel every day in our Project! As we all said in the song "the world is not simple, not at all; but everything that we have in life is a joy of every day", by knowing that and by working together on this purpose; by doing our best every day as a part of such a professional and colorful team we want to honor this project contributing to the prosperity of our countries!” said Ahmet Çelik, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC Director for the Interaction with the Regulator.


Akkuyu NPP will be the first nuclear power plant in Turkey. The construction project is in an active phase, and all construction work and infrastructure development activities at Akkuyu site are being performed under the current regulations and laws of the Republic of Turkey, as well as the recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for the entire period of construction and operation of the nuclear power plant.


A large volume of supplies of equipment and high-tech products for the project are provided by Turkish companies in construction and installation works. Akkuyu employs over 11 thousand people. Internationally, the construction and operation of nuclear power plants gives hope for many years of clean energy with zero carbon emissions for a long-term sustainable supply of electricity and remarkable reductions in pollution and contributions to climate saving.


Akkuyu NPP will bring economic prosperity to the region of Mersin, and the country. The project is also meant to enrich the lives of the people who work on the site and the surrounding local areas, which will benefit in education, infrastructure, commercial development, as well as gain in social and economical aspects. 


In the long run, Turkish specialists will be engaged in operating the nuclear power plant at all stages of its life cycle. The project of the first nuclear power plant in Turkey includes four power units equipped with the state-of-the art Russian-designed VVER-1200 reactors with a total capacity of 4800 megawatts. It is planned that after the construction is completed, Akkuyu NPP will produce about 35 billion kWh per year. 


The videoclip was produced and mastered by Timur Vedernikov, a famous Russian musician, singer, songwriter, composer and producer.