The work under the EIA Report of the Akkuyu NPP Project is going on as planned


AKKUYU NPP JSC has prepared the Environmental Assessment Impact Report (EIA) and on July 05 2013 submitted it to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey. Several companies and organizations were involved in the Report writing: Project Company’s representatives, WorleyParsons, an advisor on licensing and safety. The applicant for the document was DOKAY Company, which is a licensed certified company included in the register of organizations of the Republic of Turkey for such kind of activities. Turkish ENVY Company and Russian Atomenergoproject enterprise (Moscow) provided the initial data for the EIA Report. From January 2012 through February 2013 they were performing the engineering surveys on the Akkuyu NPP site. Also the information of other contractors was used within the framework of activities aimed at evaluation of the siting criteria for the Akkuyu NPP building along with involvement of highly skilled experts in ecology, design and licensing for the NPP construction in countries of Europe and Asia.


And the resulting EAI Report totaling more than three thousand pages has been prepared in accordance with the Special format issued by the EIA Commission of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to the Project Company.


Ten days following the EAI Report submission to the MoE, it was returned back to the Project Company with remarks made after report’s review concerning the formatting of the document sent to the Ministry.


According to Alexander Superfin, Chief Executive Officer of Akkuyu NPP, it does not cause any surprise. «We realize that this is the first EIA Report on the nuclear power plant to be constructed in Turkey. It is rather complicated to review more than three thousand pages, despite the fact that the document has been translated into Turkish. The Ministry requested that we take into consideration their suggestions about the document formatting. And we’ll do it without fail. But according to the Turkish law, we have only three months to consider the remarks about the format. I do not think that it takes a lot of time. All corrections will be incorporated within a month, and then the revised document will be transferred to the Turkish side for study. I’d like to note that the amount of communications regarding EIA is always very large, and we just initiated the dialogue. We are anticipating a lot of questions, suggestions, remarks ahead. According to the practice it is absolutely right and normal. We are ready for dialogue and will answer any concern of the public, experts and EIA Commission’s members” – Alexander Superfin said.


Taner Yildiz, Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, has also made some comments on the situation with the EIA Report to the Turkish mass media: «The report provided by the Russian Project Company had some shortcomings as to the format. The report has been turned back to the originator to correct of the said deficiencies; as to the content of the document it has not been reviewed yet. After the holiday (Note. Uraza bayram – August 08 through 10), if all requirements to the format are met, the Project Company will again address to the Ministry of Environment. As of today there are no problems, and the schedule of the NPP building did not undergo any revisions and according to it the first unit will be commissioned in 2019. But it is necessary to keep in mind that implementation of such large projects involves both prospects and risks. The very big scope of work is to be done. Now we are talking about the document comprising three thousand pages, and without any doubt it can raise certain remarks. Correctopm of them is a Project Company’s responsibility. And we as officials, our Ministry as well as other Ministries, in our turn will lend support to the project of the first Turkish NPP under the applicabe legislation», – Taner Yildiz stated.



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EIA application dossier of Akkuyu NPP was submitted to the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on December 02, 2011. The public hearings regarding EIA Report’s materials submission were held on March 29, 2012 in a village of Büyükeceli, not far from the NPP construction site. The Special format of EIA established by the Commission of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for the Akkuyu NPP project was handed over to the company based on the public hearing’s outcomes and activities of the EIA Commission.


Press-Service of Akkuyu NPP