This year 45 Turkish students apply to every training position at MEPhI

In the Republic of Turkey examinations began to select students in the third group to study in Russia in the specialty "Nuclear Energy". Recently the first written exam took place in Ankara. According to the results, 300 individuals with the highest grade will be eligible to participate in the next oral exam, which will finally select future students of the National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”. This year, 4,500 Turkish citizens applied for receiving such an education; one hundred of them will start their new academic year in Russia. Among the applicant, there are students of the first, second, third and fourth years of study at physics and/or mathematics departments of engineering or natural sciences faculties of Turkish universities. Of those who applied, 600 people who qualified successfully based on scores at the time of admission to university, were invited to participate in the written examination. They were offered problems in physics and mathematics, containing materials from the general curriculum of high schools.




This is the third recruitment of students in Turkey to receive education in nuclear specialties in Russia. Today 116 people are trained in Russia at foundation and first courses of NRNU MEPhI. The training program for Turkish specialists in the field of nuclear energy is implemented in accordance with the Intergovernmental Agreement, which was signed between the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation. It involves the construction of a nuclear power plant at the southern coast of Turkey, in Mersin province. The NPP will consisting of four AES-2006 units with VVER-1200 of a total capacity of 4800 MW.



Along with the current entrance exams, the Republic of Turkey began preparations for the implementation of the plan intended to transfer nuclear education to Turkey. Deputy General Director of AKKUYU NPP JSC Rauf Kasumov said that it would be very difficult to train in Russia thousands of nuclear energy professionals needed in Turkey. In this connection it is planned to implement a part of the educational program in Turkey. “This can be done at one of Turkish technical universities. We are now waiting for proposals from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources on candidate universities. For example, the students to be selected next year could have preparatory training in Turkey. In addition, we study the possibility of providing not only preparatory training in Turkey, but theoretical disciplines from the curricula of courses 1 and 2 as well. At the same time, students will have theoretical and practical training within programs of the 3rd and 4th courses take place in Russia, then within two years they will be trained on the operating nuclear power plants in Russia. Of course, transfer of education in the field of nuclear energy from Russia to Turkey is a challenge because the education systems of these countries differ significantly, and at the first stage it is necessary to adapt them to each other; it will require an extensive work,” – said Mr. Kasumov.



Press Service of AKKUYU NPP JSC