Three power start-ups of nuclear power units are planned for 2014 in Russia


The roadmap for construction of new nuclear power plants inRussiahad not been significantly changed since the previous year as the General Director of Rosenergoatom Concern Evgeny Romanov said to the journalists. According to him, although the method of elimination of the problem of graphite stack degradation of high-power channel-type reactors has been discovered, the plans of priority construction of displacement power at the NPP with the reactors of such type still remain. Romanov mentioned that one change had been made to the road map: “According to the road map it was planned that this year we would perform the physical start-up of the power unit BN-800 of Beloyarskaya NPP and next year the physical and power start-up of the first power unit of Novovoronezhskaya NPP-2 and the physical and power start-up of the third power unit of Rostovskaya NPP would be performed in 2015. The management of Rosatom State Corporation made the decision that we had to adjust the construction schedules so that the power start-up of the third power unit of Rostovskaya NPP and first power unit of Novovoronezhskaya NPP-2 could be perform in 2014”. Thus, in 2014 the power start-up will be performed for three power units – BN-800, power unit No. 1 of NVNPP-2 and power unit No. 3 of Rostovskaya NPP.


The Head of Rosenergoatom called the plans a rather ambitious and difficult task, however, he declared that the concern could not see any reasons for which the task could not be performed. When talking about construction of the first floating NPP (FNPP) the General Director emphasized that in general the project progress corresponded to the plan. Romanov drew our attention to the positive changes in Baltiysky Zavod. According to the Concern Head, the project participants had come to an agreement concerning development of the schedule of corrective actions which could make it possible to meet the deadline specified earlier.



Source: REGNUM