Turkish authorities are waiting for the start of construction of NPP AKKUYU


The conference “Electric power requirements for long-term sustainable development of the Mersin region up to 2023” was held in Mersin, Republic of Turkey. It was organized by AKKUYU NPP power generation joint stock company. It is commonly known that it’s in Mersin that the construction of AKKUYU nuclear power plant will begin in 2015. Presently the engineering company is working actively on obtaining licenses and an environmental impact analysis conclusion. At the same time engineering surveys and ongoing NPP design works are conducted. The construction of the NPP is to give an impetus for the economic development of the republic which in 2023 will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its declaration. The Turkish government announced its ambitious plans for the country’s development towards 2023. All the administrative districts of Turkey aim to improve its socio-economic indicators by that time and to solve through this the tasks at hand. The conference “Electric power requirements for the long-term sustainable development of the Mersin region up to 2023” aroused great public interest, especially after the recent statements by Turkey’s prime minister Recep  Erdoğan and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin about steadily developing collaboration between the two countries, including in the construction of NPP AKKUYU. The participants of the conference included Deputy Minister of Energy of Turkish Republic Ilker Sert, Director General for Free Zones at the Ministry of Economics Ugur Ozturk, Deputy Attaché of the Trade Mission of Russian Federation Igor Burmistrov, Governor of the city of Mersin Basri Güzeloğlu, President of the Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry Serafettin Asut, President of the Exporter Merchants’ Association of the Mediterranean region Alijan Yamanyilmaz.



The forum was opened by deputy general director of NPP AKKUYU Rauf Kasumov. In his speech about the implementation of the project he stressed that NPP AKKUYU would become one of the safest nuclear power plants in the world, and the most innovative technologies would be used in its construction. Rauf Kasumov emphasized the substantial contribution of NPP towards meeting the demand for electrical power in Mersin, and also quoted the data about the economic attractiveness of the project for the region’s economy.


Deputy Attaché of the Trade Mission of Russian Federation Igor Burmistrov considered the aspect of historical development of the relations between Turkey and Russia. He noted that the volume of trade between the two countries towards the end of 2012 amounted to 35 billion dollars, and in the nearest years it would be increased to 100 billion. Addressing the businessmen and representatives of public organizations of Mersin, Igor Burmistrov stated the readiness to support them in developing various areas from tourism to exporting vegetables and fruit.


Deputy Minister of Energy of Turkey Ilker Sert declared the importance of nuclear power and spoke about its use in the world and about the NPP AKKUYU project itself. Ilker Sert drew the attention of the conference participants to the fact that for electrical power production Turkey was mostly using natural gas, 98% of which was being imported into the country, and also noted: «With 13 per cent of the global volume of electric power being produced at nuclear power plants, in our case the percentage equals zero. The generation of electric power should be continuous. There were cases where an interruption of electrical supply led to loss of many thousands of Turkish liras. Nuclear power gives us a chance to change the situation. Current global volume of oil and coal resources is enough for 30-40 years. It is unclear what will happen after that. To produce electrical power equal to the amount produced from 1 kg of uranium, 3 million kg of coal or 2 million 700 thousand liters of oil are necessary. The nuclear power plant will give our country a possibility of choice. We will not be dependent on coal, oil and gas any more. The level of import of natural gas will decrease. The volume of electrical power produced by nuclear power plants to be built in Akkuyu and Sinop will amount to 10 thousand megawatt in an hour, which will allow us to forgo purchasing natural gas to the sum of 7.2 billion dollars a year. The agreement we signed is also very advantageous. For 15 years 50 percent of produced power will be bought at the price of 12.35 cents».


The Governor of the city of Mersin Basri Güzeloğlu noted the urgent need for construction of NPP AKKUYU. As he put it, it was necessary not just for providing diverse sources for production of electrical power to reach the goals set for 2023, but also for the future. «Today the goal we set for year 2023, to reach the volume of foreign trade up to 1.5 trillion dollars and of export, up to 500 billion dollars, is more than just a dream. But to reach this goal it is necessary to provide the production of electric power in the volume of 500 billion kW an hour. It is impossible to reach such volumes of production with the sources of electric power that we have. In this situation nuclear power industry which is used in all the developed countries and undoubtedly contributes a lot to the economy is more than just a factor for development of one region – the development and use of nuclear power energy as part of goals and objectives for 2023 is a prerequisite for ending the shortage of energy», the governor of Mersin stated.


The President of the Exporter Merchants’ Association of the Mediterranean region Alijan Yamanyilmaz noted the important role of NPP AKKUYU in solving the issue of the employment of the population – 15 thousand new jobs would be created. He also noted that there would be many new trained specialists and the emergence of new industry sector would contribute a lot to the economy of the region.  Alijan Yamanyilmaz declared: «A foundation will be laid for developing the production of equipment and materials necessary for this industry sector and for other activities in Turkey as a whole and in Mersin in particular».


Among the guests of the conference dedicated to the development of the region of Mersin there were the representatives of public organizations, mass media and business who had just a week ago returned from the Novovoronezhskaya NPP-2 which is a reference plant for NPP AKKUYU.  During a question-and-answer session they shared their impressions and stated that after what they have seen in Russia they had no more doubts about building a NPP in Turkey, and that all the fears in that area could with all certainty be considered unfounded.


NPP AKKUYU Press Service