Turkish children enslave hearts of musical lovers at the international stage


The first night of musical “We” took place on the stage of Balaton Theater of the Hungarian city of Keszthely within V International Children’s Creative Project “NucKids”. 80 children under the guidance of the project creative group have staged an hour and a half musical just for three weeks.


“NuclearKids” has been gathering talented children from different corners of the globe for the fifth year. The main goal of the project is to help children of the employer of the nuclear industry to open actor, vocal and dancing talents, as well as to find friends in different countries of the world. Children from nine countries: Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Estonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Republic of South Africa, France and Bangladesh take part in the jubilee 5th “NuclearKid”. This year the major part of the project takes part outside Russia – in Hungary for the first time. The idea and implementation of the creative project “NuclearКids” belongs to Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation.


“Each year the project beats its own records. This year we have beaten the record of complexity, having staged an hour and a half musical for three weeks, which is very complicated both by dramaturgy, by choreography, and from the point of view of musical material”, - the head of the project “NucKids-2013” Anna Trapeznikova noted before the first night. Children have had rehearsals from the early morning to the later evening under the conditions of abnormal Hungarian heat, without showing their tiredness anyhow. The authors of the musical “We” found the secret of success of good production: 17 vocal and chorographic performances, 80 talented children on the stage, witty dialogues, creative costumes.



The action of the performance takes place in the Russian school, where shooting of the international children’s contest “Talents of XXI century” takes place. The progress of the competition is covered by the school’s school editorial staff, and the subject of journalism becomes the core of the entire performance. According to the participants of the project, not only secrets of the profession, but relations of the characters – friendship, intrigues, jealousy, love - attract in the musical. “It is a story about the school, about what is clear for children in different countries. It is a story about us, and we don’t have to invent anything. I think the performance turned out excellent. And we have become friends in the process of its staging», – the project participant from Turkey Idil Kyoker shared impressions. After the end of the performance the audience rose in applause and called young actors for encore repeatedly. “I am just amazed by what I have seen. These children are real energy generators. Just small NPP!” – the state secretary for energy of the ministry for national development of Hungary Pal Kovacs shared impressions after the performance.


The project “NucКids” won popularity among the youth of the presence countries of Russian nuclear technologies long ago. After the first night in Keszthely, which became the rehearsal base for “NucKids” children will go to a large scale tour, during which they will perform in Hungary, Czechia and Russia. The performance will be shown in Paksha, then performances in Prague, Tomsk, Saint Petersburg and in Moscow follow. The summer session of the project will end on August 16.


The Chief Executive Officer of Akkuyu NPP Alexander Superfin noted: “We did the best to that a group of talented children from the Republic of Turkey spent time well and profitably. I hope that children will have the most vivid impressions from participation in the creative project, the main goal of which is friendship and mutual aid. Next year our company will again grant an opportunity to the children from Turkey to have an unforgettable trip to “NuclearКids”.


Akkuyu NPP supports the international creative project “NuclearKids”. The company ensures participation of children from the Republic of Turkey in this event for the second year in succession. Akkuyu NPP JSC will act as a partner of this project in 2014 and view the possibility of its holding on the territory of the Republic of Turkey.



Press-service of Akkuyu NPP