Turkish journalists visited Paks NPP (Hungary)

“Rosatom” State Corporation with participation of “Akkuyu” NPP arranged a visit of Turkish journalists to the Hungarian Paks nuclear power plant, constructed under the soviet design 30 years ago.

Journalists from Turkey were interested, how NPP was constructed, how it operates now, how construction of the plant affected the life of the region, how the power industry of the country changed after launch of NPP .


In the course of the visit the head of the branch of CJSC “Rusatom Overseas” Zalan Bacs told the participants of the press-tour about the development on nuclear power engineering in Hungary. He noted that the government of Hungary took a decision on construction of two additional power units (now 4 power units of WWER-440 type work in the plant), which allows to increase the share of nuclear power engineering in the overall generation of electric power of Hungary up to 80%.  According to Zalan Bacs, after official declaration of expansion of Paks NPP, the Russian party intends to apply for participation in the tender. 



Head of the Nuclear Power energy Agency of Hungary Jozseph Ronaki also spoke to the journalists. He stated that safety is an essential condition of operation of all nuclear power plants. «If Japan learned lessons from earlier accidents in nuclear power plants, events in Fukushima could have been avoided. Formation of the safety culture is an essential condition of establishment and development of the nuclear industry. The European Union organized stress-tests at Paks NPP, constructed under the Russian technologies, for the purpose of verification of the plant’s security systems. We got a high positive evaluation of independent experts», – he said.

One of the points of the press-tour program became the visit of the Technical University of Budapest, based on which the research nuclear reactor operates. Journalists were told, how education is organized in Hungary in the field of nuclear technologies. Thereafter the representatives of mass media visited the office of the Hungarian company Ganz EEM, partner of “Rosatom” State Corporation. Managing Director Attila Szitar-Csanadi told that Ganz EEM exports equipment, required for NPP to 22 countries. Turkish journalists were interested very much in the topic of development of enterprises and production on the NPP construction territory.


State secretary for power engineering of the Ministry of National Development of Hungary Pal Kovacs spoke to the guests in the public information center of Paks NPP. He draw attention of the delegation members to the fact that Paks NPP is a foundation of the power generating system of Hungary: «Until 2030 we plan to put into operation the 5th and 6th power units of NPP, which will allow to increase electric power outputs up to о 4000 MWt. Pal Kovacs said that Hungary is ready to share its experience of safe operation of NPP. «The countries, which are just going to use nuclear power, must not repeat mistakes, from which we all must learn lessons. The economic development rates of Turkey are quite high, and here I take my hat off. The problem of growth of the demand for electric power emerges inevitably in the country, developing so vigorously, and it is impossible to solve it, resorting to use of energy sources with a limited production capacity. Turkish authorities need to conduct information work with population in this issue. Certainly, it is impossible to achieve a hundred percent result, since it is impossible to convert conservative people, close for innovations, however even such people should be enlightened. Turkey takes the right way. We can cooperate with Turkey in this sphere at an intergovernmental level», - he said.


Executive Director of Paks NPP Istvan Hamvas told about the permanent improvement of the plant security systems. He emphasized that in Hungary only a nuclear power plant outputs and sells electric power at acceptable prices. «We conduct absolutely transparent information work with population and give honest replies to people. That is why the society trusts us», – I. Hamvas said. He also told about results of sociological research in respect of nuclear-power engineering, which had been conducted annually for the last 10 years. About 74-75% of population are in favor of existences of the nuclear power industry in the country. «People confirm so that we inflict no damage to the environment. Besides, we give work to about 10 thousand people, directly in NPP or indirectly», – I. Hamvas said.



Head of the security services of Paks NPP Gabor Nemet told in the meeting with the Turkish delegation that all information about operation of NPP is open for control authorities, state, population an public organizations. He also noted that every month a detailed report is made with the data on waste management and radiation background management, as well as emphasized specially that due to use of protection barriers there isn’t even a slightest probability of a negative effect on the environment. «For example, you flew to us by plane, but the passengers of the planes are exposed to radiation. The radiation dose obtained by you in the flight exceeds the indices among the population, living in the area of Paks NPP, by ten times – Gabor Nemet said.

The Turkish delegation was accompanied by the Deputy General Director of  Akkuyu NPP JSC Rauf Kasumov. He answered the journalists’ questions concerning the construction status of “Akkuyu” NPP and expressed hope that the Turkish Republic will take into account experience of other countries in the field of development of nuclear power engineering and intergovernmental agreement on construction of the first Turkish NPP will be implemented successfully.




Press-service of AKKUYU NPP JSC