Turkish schoolchildren became the winners of the internationals nuclear power engineering project


Schoolchildren from Mersin province and Büyükeсeli  of the Republic of Turkey waited for summarizing of the results of the international creative and educational project «Now it is fantastic, tomorrow it is reality» for almost half a year. The organizer of the content – Rosenergoatom Concern (Kalininskaya NPP branch) – promised to invite everyone, who will become the winner, to Russia for awarding with a mandatory excursion to the operating nuclear power plant.  Last year children from Turkey already took part in the project, and the winners still remember the trip for several thousand kilometers and communication with the contemporaries from other country. This year children were to draw posters on the subject «Nature and NPP: friendly neighborhood», as well as to compose a slogan to their work. But before children proceeded to fulfillment of the task, all, who wished, were invited to the NPP Public Information Centers. Schoolchildren from Turkey visited the PIC of «Akkuyu» NPP in Mersin and Büyükeсeli. There they were told about nuclear power, about the first NPP, which would be built in Turkey, about impact of electric power stations on the environment, interesting cognitive films and presentations were demonstrated, all questions were answered, which are of interest for children on the subject of an atom for peace. 



After submission of the contest works they were assessed by the competent jury, consisting of specialists of public information centers, artists, designers and public relations experts.


Pupils of the primary school of Mersin Damla Yeşiltepe, Bariş Demirel and Janet Cancel Ugran from Büyükeсeli have become the winners from Turkey as per the results in the nomination «Environmental posters». Akkuyu NPP Joint Stock Company assumed expenses on holding the competition in Turkey and organization of the winners’ trip to Russia to Kalininskaya nuclear power plant, where solemn summarizing of the results and awarding of the winners took place in the information center. Diplomas and gifts were served by the Deputy Director for HR management of Kalininskaya NPP Oleg Zhukovsky. He emphasized the importance of the chosen subject, which is related with environment care and role of nuclear power engineering in preservation of the environmental safety. Moreover, 2013 was declared as the Environment Protection Year in Russia. The organizers of the project «Now it is fantastic, tomorrow it is reality» noted that the number of participants of project is growing from year to year. So that children had time to think about the next year’s creative work, subjects were announced at the awarding ceremony for 2014: for children from Russia - «30 years’ anniversary of launch of the first unit of Kalininskaya NPP», and for schoolchildren from Turkey - «Mersin province hand in hand with «Akkuyu» NPP or «Turkey and nuclear power together forever».



During the visit to the town of Udomlya of Twer region the participants of the project from Turkey visited Kalininskaya nuclear power plant and studied the exposition in the Public Relations Center. After interesting questions and exciting answers a tea-party was organized for all participants of the project, during which the children made friends - Turkish and Russian schoolchildren told each other about their school, hobbies, shared impressions about the visit to the operating nuclear power plant, which became possible due to participation in the contest of drawings. As it turned out, the children were very much impressed by the scales of the enterprises, and when they passed by 3 unit of NPP, everyone took notice of a plenty of bird-nests. They were on the birches near the power unit. This scene impressed young artists – such small bird nests and a big facility of the human progress look together as an integral unit, as something indivisible and complementing each other harmonically. Before their visit to Kalininskaya NPP the children have never seen the operating nuclear power plant. One of Turkish schoolchildren, Bariş Demirel said «When you see a nuclear power plant on the picture or in a video clip, you have quite different impressions unlike those, when you look at it in reality. It was very interesting and cognitive for us, because we saw, how the nuclear power plant interacts with the environment and does not harm to it at all».



After the visit to Kalininskaya plant children from the Republic of Turkey accompanied by adults, came to the capital of the Russian Federation, where the survey excursion in Moscow was organized for them: observation site of Vorobyevy Gory, largest Russian sports and entertainment complex Luzhniki, Red Square, famous all over the world. Most of all the children liked Moscow zoo, which is deemed to be one of the largest in Eastern Europe. The winners of the international contest will remember the eventful program of the visit to Russia for long. As per the results of this year’s project a travelling exhibition will be formed from the works of the participants, which can be seen not only in Russian cities, but also in Turkish Mersin and Büyükeсeli.





Press-Service of «Akkuyu» NPP