Turkish students are ready to study theCareer Training Program for the project "Akkuyu" NPP in Russia


Turkish students who have successfully passed entrance tests for participating in the Career Training Program for work in "Akkuyu" NPP are ready to come to Russia. In the near future the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey in cooperation with “AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC” will organize a meeting with the students. In October 2015, the fifth group of 78 people will travel to Russia for training in the specialty of nuclear power industry.


This year according to the Career Training Program for work in "Akkuyu" NPP, 48 Turkish students will start training at the National Nuclear Research University "Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute” (NNRU MEPhI), Moscow, 30 students - in the Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU). Shortly before a trip to Russia, students will arrive in Ankara, where the meeting with Ali Riza Alaboyun, Turkish Minister of Energy, will be organized in the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Turkey. During the meeting the students will be acquainted with the relevant information so that they will quickly adjust in Russia.



Rahime Sungur, mother of Nurberk Sungur, the student, who will go to study in the City of St. Petersburg, shared her emotions, "I am very proud of my daughter’s achievements. I am sure she will successfully pass the training and will be a first-class nuclear physicist." Nurberk Sungur, in her turn, said, "I am delighted to have successfully passed all the tests and will participate in the educational program of such high level. I hope I will be a highly professional performer and will be able to benefit my country. I believe that through education in the field of nuclear energy industry, which we will obtain in Russia, we will be able to alter life of Turkey for the better."


Student Mustafa Çağlar said that he looked forward to preparing for study in Russia. "When I started to study at the Preparatory Department of the Hacettepe University, I have learned that I and my classmates had a chance to obtain an education in the Russian Federation under the Career Training Program for work in "Akkuyu" NPP, “ tells Çağlar. “I immediately applied for it, but, unfortunately, in the last year I have not passed the entrance test. In 2015 I again applied and I was accepted according to the results of the exam. I really want to get the Russian education to become a qualified nuclear physicist and work at the first Turkish nuclear power plant. Today Russia is undoubtedly one of the world leaders in nuclear energy industry and has extensive experience in this field. I am proud that I will study in the Russian Federation."



Burak Gundogmus also shared his impressions about the upcoming training, "Prior to apply for participation in the program, I studied at the Department of Nuclear Engineering of the Hacettepe University. The University lecturers informed us about difficulties on finding work in Turkey after graduation in this field, although I have chosen the Nuclear Engineering Department with the express aim of ensuring in my future work at the nuclear power plant. When I learned that “AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC” provided opportunities for obtaining an education on the nuclear specialty in Russia and in the future for work at the plant "Akkuyu" NPP, I immediately would decide to take part in the program. I hope I will be able to take full advantage of this opportunity. I am usually an easygoing person to establish contacts with people, therefore, in my opinion, I will have no problems to ajust to the life in Russia."


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The Educational Career Training Program for work in "Akkuyu" NPP is realized according to the Intergovernmental agreement that was signed between the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation on May 12, 2010. The training takes place in the Russian National Research Nuclear University "MEPhI" in the City of Moscow and in the Institute of Atomic Energy NNRU MEPhI (University branch) in Obninsk. Since 2015 Atomic Specialty Training will also be held at the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University (SPbPU). Today more than 240 students from Turkey are trained in MEPhI, they planned to prepare for up to 600 people all together. In 2015, in Turkey 6,155 applications for 80 seats were submitted to participate in the entrance examinations for admission to the university . 


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