Turkish students began to study Russian in Saint-Petersburg


A part of the new (fifth) group of Turkish students numbered 30 people came to the city of Saint-Petersburg under the program of the specialist training for Akkuyu NPP. The students will study in the Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University (SPbPU) with a specialization in “Nuclear power plants: design, engineering, operation”.




The total training period will last about 7 years: one year of pre-university courses when the students learn Russian, then within 5.5 years they will study nuclear profession; after that an on-the-job training is to be arranged at one of the enterprises of Rosatom SC depending the qualification given after the study. Among candidates who had applied to take part in the program there were students of different branches with knowledge in physics and/or mathematics of the engineering or natural sciences departments of the leading Universities of Turkey. Russian trainers have selected around 600 people from the total number of applicants. After the admission tests 78 people have left, who have formed a new group. 48 will be students at the pre-university courses in the Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering in the city of Obninsk (Branch of the NRNU MEPhI), and the remaining 30 – in the Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University.


Ksenya Mayakova, tutor of the Turkish students from the SPbPU, said: «We are happy to welcome the students from Turkey in the cultural capital of Russia. For the first time within 5-year history of the specialist training program for Akkuyu NPP a group of students from Turkey has come to learn in Saint-Petersburg. From the first days in Russia the representatives of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC and the University helped the students to get used to new cultural and language environment. I hope that next year the Turkish students from a new group will get assistance from their fellow countrymen, who shall study Russian during a year».


Furkan Gungeren shared his impressions of Saint-Petersburg: «Right after our arrival the history and architecture of the city has admired me. We were welcomed at the Airport and very quickly reached the University, and then we settled in the dormitory. We were delighted by surprises “Welcome” prepared for us by some Turkish students, who are studying at different departments of SPbPU. All lecturers were very hospitable during our first classes. I would like to underline the very high level of education: everything is clearly systematized and regulated». Kemal Muftuoglu said: «We were very nervous before our flight to Russia since no one was in the country previously. Yet we heard that the Russian Federation pays a lot of attention to sciences. Be among the first batch of students sent to study in Saint-Petersburg under the training program of specialists for Akkuyu NPP, it was a real thrill and a huge sense of responsibility. We came here with a clear objective: to be trained in order to develop the nuclear industry in Turkey in the future».


Turgay Alp Kadakal, pre-university courses student, shared his impressions about the first classes of Russian: «From the first days of our training we clearly realized how everything here is respiring science and art. We liked classes of music, phonetics and first classes of Russian. When studying here it seems to me that I am inside a very smooth mechanism, where everyone has his/her own function and task. Our lecturers and tutors are very friendly to us. They are trying to explain everything to us in details. We shall do all out best to become successful engineers in the future».


For reference:

The program for training specialists to operate Akkuyu NPP is being implemented under the Intergovernmental Agreement signed between the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation on May 12, 2010. The training is organized in the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI in the city of Moscow and in the Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering NRNU MEPhI (Branch of the University) in the city of Obninsk (Kaluga Oblast, Russia). Starting 2015 the nuclear training is also organized in the Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University (SPbPU). As of today over 300 Turkish students undergo training in Russia.