Turkish students educated in the best University of Russia

The National Staff Training Foundation has conducted an independent peer review of the Russian Universities. The five main areas of activity have been evaluated: «Research activities», «International activities», «Knowledge transfer», «Regional interactions» and «Training and teaching». Achievements of both State and private Universities have been taken into consideration when preparing the ranking. The National Research Nuclear University – MEPhI took the lead in the ranking of Universities of the Russian Federation. It got the maximum possible amount of grades (100 according to a 100-rating scale) in the field «Research activities». MEPhI also took the lead in the citation rating in Russia with the maximum possible 100 grades again.


This leading atomic University of the Russian Federation is among the best Universities under the international ratings. It is on the global list of the Times Higher Education – list of the leading world educational institutions for 2012. The California Institute of Technology is a leader of the list. The educational environment (16.6 respondents in 2012) have been interviewed, 50 million citations have been analyzed, universities’ earning yield rates have been evaluated, ratio of students and faculty, ratio of the number of conferred academic degrees and the number of faculty and etc., when preparing the ranking list of the best world Universities.


The National Research Nuclear University – MEPhI established in 1942 is a basic educational institution of Russia, which trains specialists for the atomic industry of thy Russian Federation and other countries. Henceforth the majority of graduates work at enterprises and in organizations of Rosatom State Corporation. In its turn Rosatom State Corporation annually invest around 400 million Rubles in development of infrastructure and laboratory basis of its “supporting” University.


Today 66 students from the Republic of Turkey are being trained at the pre-university courses of IATE NIYaU MEPhI, and 48 more Turkish students are in their first year of the Physics and Power Engineering Department. The first term of the pre-university courses is wholly dedicated to study the Russian language, starting with the second term the students learn the basics of the special disciplines: physics, chemistry, informatics, engineering graphics and etc. The main educational program "Nuclear power plants: designing, engineering, operation" will commence in a year provided successful mastering of the pre-university course program.


Material prepared based on the information of Взгляд.РУ portal