Turkish students of NRNU MEPhI visited Kalinin NPP (Russia)


The second-year Turkish students attending the specialist training program to operate Akkuyu NPP in the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (NRNU MEPhI) visited Kalinin NPP (city of Udomlya, Tver Oblast, Russia). AKKUYU NUCLEAR JOINT-STOCK COMPANY sponsored the visit. The students spent almost the whole working day in the territory of the nuclear power plant and visited the Training Center (TC) and Information Center of Kalinin nuclear power plant.




Valeriy Feschukov, head of the shift, arranged the excursion. He told that the plant was playing an important role in the economic development of the region. It generates 70% of electric power produced in Tver Oblast, the population of which exceeds 1,320,000 people. During its entire operating time (from 1984) Kalinin NPP generated over 350 bln. kW*h of electric power. For reference – Istanbul Province consumed in 2014 37.8 bln. kW*h of electric power. The young people visited the reactor building, turbine building of Unit 4, unit pump stations, turbines, unit reactor control post. Valeriy Feschukov told about the principles of the NPP operation, technical characteristics and special features of the WWER-1000 power unit of Russian design.




Ozlem Arslan, student, shared her opinion about the visit to the nuclear power plant: «The scale of such a power facility is impressive. We received evidence that the plant is absolutely safe, thousands of specialists are working here, and the real city with population over 30,000 people is located nearby, just three kilometers far. I hope that in the near future the students of Turkish Universities will be able to visit Akkuyu nuclear power plant. I am very much looking forward to graduating from the NRNU MEPhI and starting to work at the first Turkish NPP».


After the visit to the power plant the group of students went to TCP of Kalinin NPP. Vyacheslav Efrushkin, deputy head of the training department, gave them a tour. He explained that the full-scale simulator of Kalinin NPP’s Unit 4 was put into action in December 2012. And it fully replicates the control panel installed at the operating nuclear power unit. The main goal of the simulation is efficient provision of the NPP safe operation. «The tasks of the TCP application cover: training and maintenance of qualification of the NPP operating staff. The large-scale efforts have been made to establish it. Availability of such a department is a compulsory condition for operation of any modern hi-tech production” – Vyacheslav Efrushkin said. The operator receives the information displayed on the TCP monitors and indicators identical to that on the virtual control post of the power unit. The simulator allows imitating the entire array of modes provided by the Unit 4 design.




After the visit to the TCP the future Turkish nuclear physicists went to the nuclear energy information center of Kalinin NPP. The young people familiarized with the show dedicated to the nuclear generation. Here they were informed that during several years the all-Russia fishing championships were arranged in the vicinity of the nuclear plants. In 2009 the championship took place at the basin-cooler of Novovoronezh NPP, in 2011 – Rostov NPP, in 2012 – Smolensk NPP. And in 2013 the all-Russia fishing championship was held at the basin-cooler of Kalinin NPP. After the excursion the students asked many questions to the guide and took notes of the answers.


One of the students asked about the environmental impact of the plant. In response to the question the guide told that in the city of Udomlya, at the plant and in the immediate vicinity of the NPP there are sensors of the automated radiation situation monitoring system (ARSMS). All readouts of the system are available in the Internet and one can see them in the on-lime mode. The plant meets all the standards and requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); and the independent ecological organizations constantly monitor the environment around the NPP.


The HR Directorate of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC pays special attention to training of the future Turkish specialists who will operate the first nuclear power plant in the country. All students, who undergo training under the program, visit industrial enterprises composing the structure of Rosatom SC. For instance, in 2014 several groups visited Kalinin NPP, in the beginning of 2015 – the engineering works manufacturing fuel elements for nuclear reactors. The Joint-Stock Company attracts the students to participate in various cultural, educational and public events arranged in the NRNU MEPhI.


For reference:

Kalinin NPP is located in the north end of Tver Oblast, 120 km far from the city of Tver. The distance to Moscow is 260km, to Saint-Petersburg – 320km. In 2014 Kalinin NPP celebrated the 30th anniversary. The plant operates four power units with WWER-1000 reactors of the installed capacity of 1,000 MW each. In the territory of Oblast there is a biggest environmentally protected site, the Central Forest Reserve 46,061.00 hectare in area. Tver Oblast has developed agriculture: rye, oats, feed crops, potatoes, vegetables are cultivated here.