Turkish students of NRNU (National Research Nuclear University) MEPhI celebrated the Students’ Day


The students from Turkey studying at the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI took part in the traditional celebration of the Students’ Day which is on January 25 in Russia. The event is dedicated to extension of knowledge in Russian language by foreign students. There was a creativity competition and sport competition in the open air as a part of the program.


According to the rules of the event all the participants were divided into 2 teams. The first team was comprised of Turkish and Vietnamese students, the second team – of Russian students from the technical school of the nuclear power institute NRNU MEPhI. The music competition was the first according to the plan. The Turkish students together with the students from Vietnam prepared creative performances and learnt songs in Russian. They surprised everyone with their signing of traditional Russian folk songs. The first team having sung the song “Oi, moroz, moroz” became the absolute winner of the creativity part of the event. The next part of the program included sport competition consisting of different stages: running when wearing hoops, skiing with one ski, tobogganing and tugging-of-war. The students from sunny Turkey were not afraid of the cold severe from them (air temperature that day was about – 20 degree). They actively participated in action-oriented games, warmed up with hot tea and helped themselves to flavored buckwheat porridge cooked at the field kitchen. The students of the pre-university courses, Sinan Çiftçi and Omer Boyraz, shared their impressions: “Unfortunately, there are not such festivities in Turkey that would join all the students. We are glad to take part in such events. They allow extend knowledge in Russian language through direct informal communication and to make new friends”.


Students amateur photos


The dean’s assistant engaged in cooperation with foreign students from the nuclear power institute NRNU MEPhI, Lilia Pakhomova, noted: “The Students’ Day – a traditional festive day for all Russian students. It is celebrated every year on January 25. This kind of events allows students from Turkey submerging in the language environment to the maximum extent and familiarizing themselves with cultural peculiarities of Russia. We try to attract students to all socially important events of the University as well as of the town of Obninsk.


Akkuyu NPP is doing everything it can to enable the students from Turkey to receive knowledge in the sphere of nuclear power. The design company is interested in success of the students – future specialists in the actively developing nuclear industry of the Republic of Turkey. In the nearest future Akkuyu NPP will organize a visit to one of the operating NPPs in Russia together with Turkish students.



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Today 190 Turkish students study at the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI in nuclear specialties (78 at the pre-university courses, 64 at the first course and 48 at the second one). Training of professional specialists in the sphere of nuclear power for the Republic of Turkey is carried out under the Intergovernmental Agreement signed on May 12, 2010 between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey.



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