Turkish students of the NRNU MEPhI participate in the regional rugby competition


During their non-study time the Turkish students of the NRNU MEPhI to be trained under the program of preparation of specialists for Akkuyu NPP are going in for rugby. The main forms of training are: a class as training activities and practicing key movements and participation in sporting competitions.


Emre Yarar, 4th year student, said: «I would like play rugby long ago, but had not enough time, since studying is the first priority. From the beginning of academic year a rugby team has been created in the Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering of the NRNU MEPhI (Note. Branch of the NRNU MEPhI in Obninsk); and my friends and me have signed up and began our sport training. Rugby is an unusual sport; it requires physical vigor, concentration of attention and team efforts. We have trainings four times a week: 3 times in workdays and on Saturdays we go to Maloyaroslavets (Note. Kaluga regions, Russia), where we have training sessions together with the guys who play rugby for a long time. They play very well and help us to hone our skills. I met many interesting people from various cities of Russia when practicing sport». Emre Yarar added that in the end of October the students of the Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering took part in a competition. Three teams participated in the competition: from Kaluga, Maloyaroslavets and Obninsk. The future atomic scientists came second.



 Photos of 4th year students


Ebru Adıguzel, 4th year student, shared her impression of rugby: «First 3 years we have physical education as a discipline, but starting the 4th year it is not provided for. I went in for rugby in order to maintain physical shape and play in the team of INPE NRNU MEPhI. Soon we’ll have a snow rugby competition – trainings will be arranged in the snow. It is a little bit unusual for us, but I think it will be very interesting. During training sessions and competitions we met students from other universities with whom we are speaking Russian. Informal communication helps consolidate our knowledges». Ondem Engin, student of the same year, said: «I am very fond of sport. It lets build up your health, increase endurance. We train ourselved in the gym and take part in competitions. Rugby is a team sport, and the play is absolutely impossible if you do not feel reliable teammate’ shoulder. Playing rugby I learned many and met interesting guys».


Mikhail Ilyukhin, rugby coach, said: «I am glad that guys not only study complicated technical disciplines but practice sport. Yet the Turkish students did not play rugby in the past, their progress is evident right after several months of training. I am sure that experience gained at our trainings will prove useful in the future».


AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC creates necessary conditions for integrated approach to the educational process of the students from the Republic of Turkey who will operate the first nuclear power plant in Turkey. Lecturers of the NRNU MEPhI engage the students to mass cultural events: celebration of the Student Day, ABC book Day, Day of City and Science; they invite them to partake in various festivals, contests, and scientific competitions and sports events. For instance, the Turkish students have their own soccer team which took part in many competitions, including international ones. Once at the sports contest of the INPE NRNU MEPhI the team was first and two times – second.


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The total duration of training under the program of preparation of specialists for Akkuyu NPP will be around 7 years: first year at the pre-university courses the students learn Russian, then 5.5 years they dedicate to study of the nuclear speciality. Upon completion of the study on-the-job training is to be arranged at one of Rosatom SC’s enterprises depending on qualifications assigned after training. Among candidates who applied to take part in this program there were students who studied physics and/or mathematics at engineering and natural sciences departments of the leading universities of Turkey. The Russian trainers have selected around 600 people from the all applicants. After the entrance examination 78 people left, they formed a new group of students. 48 students are studying at the pre-university courses in the Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering in the city of Obninsk (Branch of the NRNU MEPhI), and 30 – in the Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University.