Turkish students successfully passed the end-of-session tests in NNRU MEPhI


The Turkish first- and second-year students studying nuclear disciplines in Russian National Nuclear Research University MEPhI (NNRU MEPhI) have successfully passed their end-of-session tests and are now reading up for the examinations. It was a real challenge for the first-year students because they had to pass their tests in Russian. But they have come through and mastered such complicated subjects of the first year as: analytical geometry, perspective geometry and engineering graphics, informatics, management and marketing, physics and chemistry and other academic disciplines. The students did not study some of them in Turkish universities, and now they are endeavoring to achieve mastery of them.


NNRU MEPhI pays special attention to the quality of training when preparing specialists for the nuclear industry. All students, if they decide to follow a nuclear career in the future, will have to operate hi-tech innovative equipment as professional team members responsible for the entire package of operations related to the nuclear power generation. The total apprenticeship is about 7 years: one year is dedicated to learning Russian, and next 5.5 years will be a specialization course.



The first-year tutor Evgeniz Ivanitskaya said: «All students got admission to the exams. Frankly speaking I thought some difficulties can occur, but the kids have made all their best, prepared and successfully passed the interim knowledge tests». Coşkun Karadaş, the second-year student, shared his impressions about his first examinations in NNRU MEPhI: «I shall never forget this feeling – intensive preparation all the days long, you know everything, but some fear and self-doubt persist. When you answer all teacher’s questions, you get a moral satisfaction that all your efforts made within the semester did not fall between the cracks. In the future we shall develop the nuclear industry in the Republic of Turkey, and now we must learn and adopt experience of Russian specialists». «We passed all tests, and three exams are waiting for us, the mathematical analysis is the most complicated. Now all our efforts concentrated on preparation for this discipline» - the first-year student, Çetik Kaya remarks.


After all exams the Turkish students will go on holidays back to their motherland. Then after several weeks they will return to Russia to continue their study of nuclear energy specialties.


Reference: as of today 190 Turkish students are being trained in NNRU MEPhI of nuclear specialties (78 attend the pre-university courses, 64 are the first year students and 48 are the second year students).



Press Service of Akkuyu NPP