Two thirds of the Czech Republic’s population support development of the nuclear energy


67% of the population advocates further development of the nuclear power generation in the Czech Republic. This figure stemmed from the public opinion poll was published on December 06 by STEM, Czech sociological service. The share of the nuclear power supporters has increased by 4% compared to this spring and by 17% compare to the last one. At the same time, 44% of the respondents believe that renewable sources can substitute for nuclear plants. In May this figure was 48% and right after the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear accident it amounted to 52%. According to the company’s data, around 78% of the adult population of the Czech Republic shares the opinion that the nuclear energy will let the country avoid an energy dependence in the long-term, which jeopardizes the national security. The poll lasted from October 27 through November 05 and embraced 1,062 respondents aged 18 and older from different regions of the country. Since 1994 STEM performs the public opinion polls about the nuclear energy. The biggest support the nuclear power had in 2009, it amounted up to 71%.