Visit of the Turkish social organization “Civic Platform of Mersin” to the PIC of Akkuyu NPP


Representatives of the Turkish organization “Civic Platform of Mersin” paid a visit to the Public Information Center (PIC) of Akkuyu NPP in Mersin. The “Civic Platform” unites some social organizations acting on territory of Mersin Province (Turkey). The group of its representatives headed by its Chairman Sertaç Berber visited the Center in order to get information about the first Turkish NPP construction project.


The PIC Director Faruk Uzel met the hosts. Uzel made a presentation about the project status and its importance for the Republic of Turkey after the tour of the Center. He told that the Akkuyu NPP Project was being implemented on the basis of the Intergovernmental Agreement signed by the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation in May 2010. The PIC Director noted that the activities related to the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) for the first nuclear power plant of Turkey will be finished in 2014. Uzel underlined that cooperation with Russia being one of the leading world nation with well matured nuclear industry during the project implementation, would allow Turkey getting advanced technologies of the atomic mechanical engineering. «Due to this large-scale project our country will not only avoid huge expenses related to energy investments but will get experience of operation of hi-tech innovative equipment» - Uzel said. While citing statistics the PIC Director told that now 435 NPP power units were being operated in 30 countries and they provide around 15% of the global energy consumption. When speaking about benefits of the nuclear energy Faruk Uzel told: «If one accumulates all NPP’s benefit, it will become evident that the nuclear energy is not a matter of choice but a necessity. The nuclear power plant does not produce air emissions of carbon dioxide, provides stable power generation, thousands of job opportunities will be created during the NPP construction and operation, the infrastructure of the entire region will be enhanced from roads up to new dwelling houses, schools, hospitals».



After the presentation the PIC Director and its specialists answered to questions of interest of the social organization representatives. Sertaç Berber, Chairman of the “Civic Platform of Mersin” thanked for the exhaustive information about the nuclear energy as a whole and particularly about the Akkuyu NPP construction project. After the visit to the PIC Berber shared his impressions: «We came here to get the true information about the project, share our opinions about development of the nuclear industry in the Republic of Turkey. I would like to thank the Director and specialists of the Public Information Center of Akkuyu NPP in Mersin for their outreach activities. The Center has a state-of-the-art infrastructure and every visitor gets very pleasant impressions».



For reference:

The social organization “Civic Platform of Mersin” was established in April 2006 through integration of 33 associations. Its main goal is coordination of social organizations in Mersin. The «Civic Platform» is actively participating in solution of economic, cultural, ecological issues of the region. The organization is dealing with education, public health and tourism issues in province of Mersin. Officials, employees of industrial enterprises, teachers, physicians, businessmen and other professional groups of citizens of the Republic of Turkey are members of the “Civic Platform of Mersin”.




Akkuyu NPP JSC Press Service