July 1, 2021, Buyukeceli, Mersin province, Turkey. — Ten winners of the quiz, which took place during “We Call upon Talents” live broadcast program in January 2021, took part in a technical tour to the Akkuyu NPP construction site in Mersin province. The tour participants came to Mersin from different parts of Turkey - the provinces of Kocaeli, Sakarya, Denizli, Elazig, Kahramanmaras, Ankara and others.


Upon arrival at the site, the participants of the visit underwent express COVID-19 testing, and after receiving negative test results, were invited to the office building, where an introductory briefing was organized for them. AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC specialists told the guests in detail about the rules of conduct on the construction site and the need to strictly adhere to the rules of occupational health and safety.


After the briefing, the tour participants, accompanied by a representative of the directorate of the nuclear power plant under construction, went on a bus tour around construction site of the first nuclear power plant in Turkey: they saw the Eastern sea cargo terminal, where ships with materials and large-sized equipment for the nuclear power plant arrive; visited the temporary storage site of huge pipes 2-3 meters in  diameter to be used in deep-water cooling water discharge system, and also visited the observation deck at 200 meters elevation of above sea level, where they were able to observe the construction site from a bird's eye view. After the tour, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC Directorate of Communications employees made a presentation regarding “Nuclear Energy and the Akkuyu NPP Project” for the guests and spoke in plain language about the principles of operation and safety systems of modern nuclear power plants.


At the end of the technical tour, the participants shared their impressions of visiting the NPP construction site and spoke about their attitude towards the project and nuclear power:


Furkan Uzungungor, Sakarya Province, Faculty of Civil Engineering at Kocaeli University: “During the tour of the NPP site, I was most impressed by the number of people employed on the project, as well as the fact that work is already underway on three of the 4 power units. I saw with my own eyes that soon our country will start using atomic energy - the energy of the future! This project is a clear confirmation of the fact that, for the sake of preserving the environment, nuclear power is a much better solution to the problem of growing demand for electricity compared to coal and natural gas. I would like to see even more nuclear power plants in our country in the future”.


Halil Ibrahim Dilik, Kahramanmaras Province, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Sutcu Imam University: “I am happy I had the opportunity to take part in a technical tour to the nuclear power plant construction site, where a huge number of people from different countries work. During the tour, I also got answers to all my questions about nuclear power. I am studying to be a civil engineer, so for me to see such a large-scale construction project with my own eyes is an incomparable experience. After the trip, I set myself the goal of devoting my professional career to some major and significant project for Turkey. "


Atakan Has, Ankara province, Faculty of Public Administration and Political Science, Bilkent University: “For me and other participants of the tour it was a unique experience, I think very few can boast of visiting a nuclear power plant. I was so much amazed at the scale of the construction! I believe that Turkey has a bright future, and the Akkuyu NPP project has only strengthened my confidence, because it will in many ways help us become energy independent. Before coming here, I did not know that nuclear power is an environmentally friendly source of energy. I know from my own experience what damage the combustion of carbon-containing fuels inflicts on nature. Nuclear power plants do not emit carbon emissions, which means they do not pose a threat to the natural environment. I am confident that Akkuyu NPP project will go down in history and serve as an example for Turkey and the whole world".


The visit took place in compliance with anti-epidemic measures caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


On January 22, 2021, the Akkuyu NPP construction site hosted a live TV broadcast of the "We Call Upon Talents" program, which is being implemented by the Human Resources Department of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Turkey. It was broadcast on the official YouTube channel of the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, on the Twitter and Periscope social media, as well as on the official website of the project - The broadcast was hosted by the famous TV anchor Oylum Talu. In the final part of the broadcast, viewers were invited to take part in a quiz consisting of 5 questions. The first 10 followers, who answered the questions of the quiz correctly, got the opportunity to take part in a technical tour to the Akkuyu NPP construction site.