“Wild Edens: Turkey” documentary preview took place in Gulnar

On June 27 a sneak preview of the “Wild Edens: Turkey” documentary produced on the Rosatom State Corporation’s initiative of took place in the Cultural Center of Gulnar (province of Mersin, Turkey). The preview was organized by Rosatom State Corporation and AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC.

The Kaymakam of the Gülnar Region Mustafa Ayvat, the Mayor of Gulnar Alpaslan Ünüvar, the Head of the Department of Education of the Gulnar Region Fatih Burgut, the Head of the Public Information Center of Akkuyu NPP Eyyup Lütfi Sarıcı, the Chairman of the Chamber of Agriculture of Gulnar Hacer Emiş Işık, the Chairman of the City Board Selami Bağca were present at the event together with other representatives of governmental bodies and non-governmental organizations, and the residents of Gülnar. The event was organized for both adults and children, who could color animals of their choice on a special wall before the show.

In his speech to the audience, the Kaymakam of Gülnar Mustafa Ayvat said: «We gathered today to watch a very special documentary that reminds us about our responsibility for the future of our kids and our planet. The global warming is one of the most serious problems the humanity is facing. That is why we should join our efforts to address the biggest challenge of our times. This is our common problem. We are responsible for the world we leave to our children».

The Head of the Public Information Center of Akkuyu NPP Eyyup Lütfi Sarıcı, added: «Nuclear energy is very important to address the climate change issues, promoting sustainable development, enabling to preserve the existing variety of animals and plants». Sarıcı said that the Rosatom Corporation - a global leader in clean, carbon-free power generation - has initiated a unique “Wild Edens” project, driven by its responsibility to preserve of our common home. “This project of Rosatom sets two goals. The first is to drive the public attention worldwide to the beauty of the virgin and unique nature. The second is to remind to the wide audience that that natural habitat may fall victim of devastating consequences of human activities» - he said.
During the event Erdal Küçükkömürcü, a popular theater actor who gave his voice to the Turkish version of the film, addressed the residents of Gulnar with a video message. «This film is a brilliant opportunity to take a look at some Edenic places of Turkey; it brilliantly narrates about the threats that the climate change pose to the entire world. The “Wild Edens” Project urges us to join the fight to preserve the natural treasures before it is too late,» he underlined in his speech.

The Mayor of Gulnar Alpaslan Ünüvar shared his impressions after the documentary: «I’d like to thank Rosatom that supported the production of the film. We were pleased to learn that such beautiful creatures live in our country. But we also acknowledged the risk that the global warming puts them at. We know that sudden rains and floods, which we witnessed in our area and the neighboring regions over the last years, are caused by atmospheric alterations and greenhouse gases. I believe that our people have received an important message. Thank you very much».

«My two kids and I were delighted to watch this documentary. We liked it. My kids were happy: not only did they watch the film, but also had fun coloring the animals. We are pleased that such an interesting event took place in Gulnar», Derya Uçtu, 27, a resident of Gulnar, said.

A 34-year-old Gulnar police officer, Kasım Çılgınözün, commented: «This is a really nice documentary, which offers an insightful view into our country. The event was nice and revealing for our kids and for us. It made it clear that nuclear power had a positive role in the fight against climate change and global warming. The recent public agenda only pictured the nuclear energy in a negative way, people are forced to believe that it is harmful to the wild world. But here we see it is the other way round. The nuclear energy is vital for the planet».

Murat Türker, a 43-year-old Principal of the Anatolian Lyceum in Gulnar, noted: «It was an interesting glance into the wildlife. The film teaches that the natural balance can not be breached. And we share this idea. We believe that the nuclear energy will not breach such a balance. Recently, the climate change has become the biggest challenge for our country».

The first documentary of the “Wild Edens” Project was dedicated Russia, the second one is about Turkey. “Wild Edens: Turkey” narrates about unique plants and animals in seven turkish regions, driving attention to the need of transition to clean energy sources. The shootings of the documentary, premiered in Ankara in November 2018, took place in the wetlands of Kars, the Mersin area and the Mediterranean seacoast. The documentary was also projected outside of Turkey, in a number of European and African countries. The third film of the series urging to address the challenges of the global warming - “Wild Edens: South Asia” – was released in March this year.

Reputable international organizations have prized the “Wild Edens” documentary for its contribution to the fight against climate change. “Wild Edens: Russia” received a silver award in the ”Fight and Adaptation to Climate Change” category at the 8th Deauville Green Awards Festival dedicated to the best sustainability audio- and video- projects.