The first group of young specialists from the Radiation Safety Shop of Akkuyu NPP completed training in the Turkish Agency for Research of Energy, Nuclear Power, and Mineral Resources (TENMAK) in Ankara.


The course lasted 4 days and consisted of theoretical studies and practical training. Akkuyu NPP specialists studied the fundamentals of protection from ionizing radiation and radiation dose detection, and practiced using radiographic devices. The training also included practicing correct emergency actions to be carried out by the personnel.


The specialists got familiar with Turkish radiation safety legislation, procedures for radiation sources licensing, and standards for safe transportation of radioactive materials. The young specialists also studied practical radiation protection methods used in industrial applications and radiography.


Upon completion of the training in TENMAK, trainees took an examination. Employees of the Akkuyu NPP Radiation Safety Shop passed the examination excellently and obtained certificates. The certificates are valid for 5 years and allow to perform monitoring of works using radiographic devices and ionizing radiation sources in Turkey.


After the practical training in Ankara, the young specialists went to Russia, where they will undergo another course of practical training in ROSATOM Technical Academy in Obninsk. There they will have theoretical studies for the qualification of the attendant dose monitoring technician. Then AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC will send the young specialists to the most high-tech nuclear power plants of Russia: Novovoronezh NPP and Leningrad NPP, where the young people will have a course of training and study the peculiarities of work of radiation safety specialists in real terms.


Specialist of the Radiation Safety Shop Fikri Türkmen says,


"I came to have a course of practical training together with my colleagues from the Radiation Safety Shop. After we got the higher education diplomas in the Russian Federation, I am very happy to undergo a training process again and to acquire new knowledge and skills!"


Dose monitoring specialist of the Radiation Safety Shop Okan Yıldız remarks,


"We had a chance to get familiar with Turkish radiation safety regulations. Our instructors were very experienced and provided complete and clearly understandable answers to all our questions, which arose in the course of the training! I was very glad to undergo the training in this organization; now we have training in Obninsk and at the operating NPPs in Russia ahead!"