Young specialists of AKKUYU NUCLEAR discussed the youth policy development program of the company within the framework of a strategic session

The first strategic session of the International Youth Association of AKKUYU NUCLEAR was held in Ankara. The International Youth Association of the company took on the role of the initiator. More than 40 young specialists, representatives of the management and different units of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC  participated in the strategic session. Sergey Malozemov, Head of the International Youth Association, and leaders of various activity branches: Yulia Sabirzyanova, Burcu Eldem, Gamze Shahin, Deniz Umut Can and Irina Statova told about establishment and development of the International Youth Association and the implemented projects: English Speaking Club, the newspaper of the International Youth Association, Board of Knowledge, Rosatom Values and also presented the report on the activities of the association in 2018.


In the second part of the strategic session Sergey Malozemov made the report "Agile Management Techniques in Nuclear Industry. Spiral Dynamics" and held the team business game "Agile: Engineering of the Future" developed by him in cooperation with the colleagues from JSC EC ASE (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). In the course of the game the participants solve the task for creation of a nuclear power plant project and development of their product in four areas: environmental compatibility, performance, safety and ergonomics. The players selected the top priorities and defined the optimal strategy.


Xenia Markova, Head of the Internal Communication Group, held the round-table discussion "Role of the Youth in the Company's Activities. Industry Trends and Development Options". Young specialists drew up the assumed profile of the company's employee and director in 2029 and also predicted the strategy for technological and international cooperation in 10-year prospect.


The day was finished with the intellectual game What? Where? When? which united the young specialists and their elder colleagues.


The event resulted in uniform understanding of the strategy and determination of further steps for development of the youth association of the company. Marina Karaseva, HR Director of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, gave high praise to the initiatives of the youth association and commented on importance of commitment to development for young specialists.


"The company needs young people. They are the driving force to support it in all changes, - Marina Karaseva emphasized. - The project of Akkuyu NPP is a long-term one, and you have the unique opportunity to observe the stages of the company establishment, construction of the nuclear power plant and to see the end result - commissioning of the NPP. So set yourself up for a long way. I wish each and every one of you to find the place in this way and the work to your liking which will reciprocate".


The participants of the first strategic session also gained positive experiences in the course of the event.


"I give ten points out of ten! - Khalil Burak Atay, specialist of the thermal instrumentation and control shop of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, said. - Most of all I liked "Agile" game: we got practical knowledge in project management, determination of time limits and success criteria. I am sure that this experience will make my work more efficient. Interaction in the game uniting us for the common purpose is also very important as the NPP is being constructed by a team".


Olga Selivanova, chief project cost planning specialist of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC: "The Youth Strategic Session has been held for the first time in the company, and I hope that arrangement of such events will become a tradition. It is important to notice that dialogue between young specialists and the management has taken place in order to announce the ideas for development, any current problems and the ways to solve them".


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The International Youth Association (IYA) of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC was established in December, 2017 at the initiative of young specialists of the company. Its aim is to coordinate the efforts and to exchange the experience in enhancement of the workflow efficiency, to develop corporate culture and to provide sustainable development of the company. The International Youth Association includes scientific and technical, international, social, sporting, cultural and corporate branches of activities as well as student engagement and project management branches.